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Killzone 3; Helghast are back........this time with jetpacks!
Topic Started: Sat May 22, 2010 2:49 am (3,154 Views)
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Better Red Than Dead
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So, I have just finished the campaign havent even touched the online yet, due to Uni work being incredibly complex around this time. But a little summary, I did like the campaign some truly epic moments Jetpack for instance. I would of liked some form of awesome Final Boss fight but Orlock and Stahl just arent as cool as Radec I assume. Lots of Vehicles and Weapons in the campaign very fun enjoyed it alot. then again I am a Killzone fan so I like anything Guerilla will give me.

I look forward to playing with some of you in the Warzone sometime soon

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Pink-Eyed Cyborg
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I found an interesting article regarding Killzone franchise, well actually the whole article is more about the team who makes the series but it contains some info on how Killzone was born and also how Halo could have been a Playstation exclusive. :o

"Back in December 1999," said Hulst, "we had made a demo called Marines. I showed it to Sony in London, and you have to understand back then that was a risky proposition -- since the only popular console FPS was GoldenEye. A lot has changed since then."

Given the market conditions when Hulst pitched the project to Sony, and the fact that Sony already had a promising sci-fi shooter slated for its platform, its decision to take a pass on the Marines project made sense.

On one hand, you had a small Dutch developer which had never produced a shooter before, and on the other hand was a well-known developer with a proven track record. Coming from the PC and Mac sphere, Bungie had extensive experience in making first person shooters (the Marathon series) and had two games pledged for the upcoming PS2 system.

One was a third person action game called Oni; the other one however is arguably the game that built the Xbox brand -- none other than Halo: Combat Evolved.

Bungie started out as one of the very few Mac game developers, but economic realities (the implosion of sales of Macintosh computers in the late '90s) forced it to branch out to Windows computers as well.

Halo was first considered for release on Mac, PC, and Dreamcast. As hype started to build around the upcoming release of the PlayStation 2, the Dreamcast version was shelved in favor of a console exclusivity deal with Sony for PS2 -- where Sony itself would act as publisher of the game.

Microsoft, however, was coming out with its Xbox and needed more talented developers to attract gamers to its first real entry into the console industry. Bungie was open for a buyout, and Sony lost the Halo franchise. It still got Oni via Rockstar, however.

Ironically, Halo: Combat Evolved -- the game that killed the Marines project for Sony -- was also the one that revived it. After the huge success Halo enjoyed on the Xbox, Sony realized it needed a high profile exclusive sci-fi shooter on the PS2. Guerrilla was contacted and the project got the greenlight -- and the budget it needed.


And for that I thank Microsoft for buying out Bungie lol.

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Pink-Eyed Cyborg
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GG is releasing a new map pack called "From the Ashes" for Killzone 3 on June 21st. It contains 4 maps, 2 are brand new and other 2 are remakes of two of the most played maps from Killzone 2: Radec Academy and Tharsis Depot. All of that for only US$4.99 :bowdown:

I'll definitely buy when I go back home next week even if I only get to play for 2 weeks. Radec and Tharsis are my favourite KZ2 maps and GG deserves my hard earned money.

Radec Academy

Tharsis Depot

Mobile Factory

Lente Missile
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Demon Hiei
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^^Appreciate the videos these look promising and worth the price.
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Elite Soldier
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Killzone only one word can describe it. The word that comes to mind is AWESOME!! :D
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Rebellious Wei-Yan
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i played the other ones but not this one although i played a demo of it it was good they were interesting games
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