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Dynasty Warriors 4: Level 10 Weapons
Topic Started: Sun Jun 7, 2009 10:09 am (24,773 Views)
Han's Unifier
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Just a list of how to get characters level 10 weapons

Xiahou Dun-Xia Pi-Wait til the cutscene were Dun gets shot in the eye, then beat Diao Chan. (Making Lu Bu furious in the process.)

Dian Wei-Wan Castle-Slay Hu Cher Er and join with Cao Cao. After the cutscene that ensues, attack Zhang Xiu and take away half his life so he retreats. Wait till Cao Cao gets the trapped cutscene, and Xu Zhu will clear a path. You'll get the weapon.

Xu Zhu-Tong Gate-Make Han Sui defect by killing his four subordinates. The kill Ma Dai & Pang De. Then whack Cheng Yi for the weapon.

Cao Cao-Chi Bi-Ensure all 3 Wu plots fail. So your targets are Pang Tong (He'll be at the Northwestern of the map, he starts on your side so wait by him a little while and he'll defect.) Zhuge Liang and Huang Gai.

Xiahou Yuan-Mt Ding Jun-Slay Chen Shi before he returns to Shu camp. Then kill Huang Zhong before Cao Cao arrives.

Zhang Liao-Hu Lao gate-Dong Zhou's forces-(THIS CAN ONLY BE DONE ON MUSOU MODE. SO PICK LU BU'S STORY.) At the battle of Si Shui Gate be sure to kill Cao Cao, Sun Jian & Liu bei. At Hu Lao Gate don't kill any generals till the enemy fire attack. Once it commences slay Cao Cao Sun Jian & Liu Bei

Sima Yi-Wu Zhang Plains-Defeat Wei Yan & Ma Chao

Xu Huang-Guan Du-Wait till Bai Ma & Yan Jin fall. Then let Yuan Shao's rams knock down Guan Du castle. Then set fire to Wu Chao

Zhang He-Jie Ting-Slay Ma Su's subordinates so he is surrounded. Wait till the Shu amy arrives, and proceed to annihilate every Shu general on the map.

Zhen Ji-Chang ban-Defeat Zhao Yun & Zhang Fei in duels. Then kill Zhuge Liang & Guan Yu

Cao Ren- Defense of Fan Castle-(The one with Wei vs Wu, not the siege of Fan Castle.) Destroy all enemy siege weapons before Lu Meng appears. When Lu Meng comes charging out, slaughter him for the weapon.
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Han's Unifier
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Diao Chan-Si Shui Gate-Do not kill any general till Hua Xiong is defeated and Li Jue is informed of it. Then defeat 2 out of these 3 generals-Cao Cao, Sun Jian, Liu Bei. You must do this quickly because shortly after Hua Xiong is defeated, Li Jue will contemplate retreat.

Lu Bu-Lu Bu's revolt-Defeat all enemy generals on the map and all hidden ambushes.

Dong Zhuo-Lu Bu's Revolt-Defeat all enemy generals on the map.

Yuan Shao-Guan Du-Head for Guan Du castle, this will trigger Yuan Shao's rams. Protect the rams until Guan Du's walls crumble.

Zhang Jiao-Yellow Turban Rebellion-Defeat all generals and sub generals without Zhang Bao or Zhang Liang dying

Meng Huo-Battle of Cheng Du-Defeat all playable characters on the Shu side. (Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, Yue Ying, Jiang Wei, Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu.)

Zhu Rong-Battle of Xu Chang-Ensure the siege ramp isn't destroyed. The whack Cao Zhang, Cao Hong, Man Chong and Xiahou Dun
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Han's Unifier
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Zhao Yun-Bo Wang Po-Ensure all of Zhuge Liang's plans work and slay all the officers involved. Then trigger the cutscene where Cao Cao admires Zhuge Liang's tactics by having Zhuge Liang meet Cao Cao. If Zhuge Liang does not enter the castle by himslef try to nudge him in with your horse or have a 2nd player play as him.

Guan Yu-Siege of Fan Castle-Allow Fu Shi Ren and Mi Fang to convert all your soldiers to the Wu side. When Guan Yu says "Curses! We've been surrounded" defeat Lu Meng, Zhou Tai and Lu Xun, Fu Shi Ren and Mi Fang.

Zhang Fei-Chang Ban-Defeat Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Xiahou De and Xiahou En. Then head towards the Chang Ban bridge and trigger Zhang Fei's yell.

Zhuge Liang-Wu Zhang Plains-Slay Zhang He, then head towards the Wei main camp to trigger the Shu army's taunts. Then kill Xiahou Dun when he appears. Then ensure the supply team safely make it to the Shu main camp.

Liu Bei-Ru Nan-Defeat Li Dian before Zhao Yun arrives. Then meet with Zhang Fei, wait till Xiahou Yuan arrives and slaughter him before Guan Yu arrives. Finally slay all of Cao Cao's generals before Liu Qi's reinforcements appear.

Ma Chao-Battle of Cheng Du-(Like Zhang Liao's level 10 weapon, this can only be done on musou mode.) Slay Pang De and Ma Dai in that order when they arrive.

Huang Zhong-Battle of Jian Ye-Defeat Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang before they assume control of the Wu army.

Jiang Wei-Battle of Tian Shui-Enter the castle that Jiang Wei starts in by going through the gates through the outside. Then kill Yin Shang and Liang Xu.

Wei Yan-Battle of Jing Province-Kill Han Xuan before Cao Ren and Xiahou Yuan's reinforcements appear.

Pang Tong-Battle of Luo Castle-head for the part of the map were Pang Tong is ambushed. When the ambush appers defeat all enemies in the ambush. Head towards Luo Castle and lure Zhang Ren out.Head for the south bridge and cross it. Once Zhang Ren crosses it and is isolated, kill him for the weapon.

Yue Ying-Nanman Campaign-Cause Ahui Nan and Dong Tu Na to defect by slaying Yong Kai and sub-generals.Defeat Zhu Rong in a duel, trigger the fire attack against Wu Tugu and defeat Meng Huo the seven times he appears.
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Han's Unifier
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Zhou Yu-Siege of Fan Castle-Wait till the supply team for Cao Ren arrive in the northeast part of the map. Defeat them before they can reach the castle.

Lu Xun-Yi Ling-Ensure the fire attack is successful, then pass through the stone sentinal maze in 3 minutes. (Use Red Hare as you can ride over the stones as they rise up.)

Taishi Ci-Campaign for the Wu Territory-When Yu Mi says "We cannot hold! We must pull back for now." and retreats to the fortress, follow him into the fortress and slay him. Then defeat Zhang Ying before he can retreat.

Sun Shang Xiang-Race for the Nan Territory-Allow Zhou Yu to enter the big castle, where he will be hit by an arrow. he will pull back ot the Wu main camp. Cao ren will come charging out. Defeat Cao Ren for the weapon.

Sun Jian-Search for the Imperial Seal-Do not destroy more than 50 crates before Lu Bu arrives. Kill Lu Bu for the weapon.

Sun Quan-Battle of He Fei-Defeat Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan. The slay Zhang Liao when he appears near the Wu main camp

Lu Meng-Battle of Mai Castle-Defeat all enemy generals and sub-generals (Enemy Reinforcements included.) Be sure to seal all enemy strongholds to stop Guan Yu escaping.

Gan Ning-Battle of Xia Kou-Defeat Gan Ning (or the case of free mode Chen Sheng) and Su Fei. Then when Zhou yu talks about gunpowder on Huang Zu's ships. Destroy the gunpowder and quickly butcher every enemy except for Huang Zu before the two ships collide. Ling Tong and Ling Cao must survive.

Huang Gai-Chi Bi-Seal all enemy strongholds before the fire attack then kill Cao Ren, Cao Hong, and Cao Pi

Sun Ce-Unification of Jiang Dong-Defeat Liang Gang and wait for Zhou Yu to fall (usually happens after about 10 minutes). Once he kicks the bucket, head for Liu Xun. Liu Xun will then head for the supply depot where Zhou Yu was. Race ahead of Liu Xun and defeat his subordinate at the depot Li Feng before Liu Xun enters the depot.

Zhou Tai-Nanman Campaign-Head for Wu Tugu and murder him. Then enter Nanman HQ causing Meng Huo to appear at Nanman main camp.

Da Qiao-Battle of Xu Chang-Defeat Dian Wei and his two sub-ordinates (Hu Zhi and Deng Ai.)

Xiao Qiao-Battle of Cheng Du-Enter Luo Castle and kill Ma Su. Then kill Guan Yu and Guan Ping before Ma Chao reinforcements arrive.
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Han's Unifier
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Spear-Battle of Si Shui gate-Allied forces-Kill Fan Chou and take over the enemy supply depot. Then slay Hua Xiong, Li Jue's two subordinates and Zhang Liao.

Halberd-Battle of Hu Lao Gate-Allied forces-Kill Lu Bu. Easy, huh?

Sword-Yellow Turban Fortress-Han Forces-Within 6 minutes defeat these enemies in order: He Yi, Pei Yuan Shao and Cheng Yuanzhi
Bo Zhang, Zhou Cang, Cheng Yuanzhi

Rapier-Defeat the enemy ambush officers in He Yi and Yan Zheng

Big Sword-Yellow Turban Rebellion-Han Forces-Kill all enemy generals (subordinates not included.)

MOD NOTE: There is no reason for each kingdom to have their own topics for this guide. The guide is for the same things, and thus should be kept in the same thread. Also provides the section to be less cluttered.
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