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Dynasty Warriors 8, XL & Empires Information Thread; Empires Info on 3rd post
Topic Started: Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:53 am (110,778 Views)
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Note: This post mostly covers pre-release game information. For more in-depth gameplay details and post-release informations (like Trophies/Achievements), you can check out Sagittarius' DW8 Game Details post

Shin Sangokumusou 7
aka. Dynasty Warriors 8

Console: PlayStation 3 (exclusive in JP), Xbox 360 (also for NA-EU)
Release Date: 28 February 2013 (JP), 12 July 2013 (EU), 16 July 2013 (NA)
Official Site:
http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/smusou7/ (JP)
http://dynastywarriors8.eu (EU)

New Characters
Note: Seiyuu = Japanese VA. They are mostly consistent throughout the series unless there are major circumstances

Posted Image
樂進 (文謙)
Yue Jin (Wenqian)

General under Cao Cao. Despite having small body, he still had proved much to be recognized as one of Wei's Five Great Generals.
Weapon: Twin Hookswords
Seiyuu: Kentaro Ito (aka. Choji in Naruto, Renji in Bleach)

Posted Image
李典 (曼成)
Li Dian (Mancheng)

Wei general who is most famous for his calmness. He tried to warn Xiahou Dun for traps in Bowangpo, and managed to reconcile Zhang Liao & Yue Jin in Hefei.
Weapon: Wheel Halberd
Seiyuu: Kosuke Toriumi (aka. Kiba in Naruto, Captain Ash in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE)

Posted Image
魯肅 (子敬)
Lu Su (Zijing)

Wu advisor who succeeded Zhou Yu. He acted as ambassador to Shu during the Jing Province campaign. He was succeeded by Lu Meng afterwards.
Weapon: Rake
Seiyuu: Taitem Kusunoki (aka. Antonio "Rock Bison" Lopez in Tiger & Bunny, Morino Ibiki in Naruto, Commander Rentaro Satsuma in Digimon Savers)

Posted Image
韓当 (義公)
Han Dang (Yigong)

Veteran Wu general who served three generations along with Huang Gai and Cheng Pu. He was also known to have saved Huang Gai when the latter was shot down at Chi Bi. He outlived his comrades until around the battle of Yiling.
Weapon: Short Pike
Seiyuu: Hideyuki Tanaka (aka. Leo Aiolia in Saint Seiya, Gilliam Jager in Super Robot Wars, Otacon in Metal Gear Solid)

Posted Image
Guan Yinping

Daughter of Guan Yu. Sun Quan sought to marry her with his son, but Guan Yu refused rudely which caused Shu-Wu relations to worsen even further.
Weapon: Double-Edged Mace
Seiyuu: Shiori Mikami (aka. Akari Akaza in Yuruyuri, Aisha in Ys Seven)

Posted Image
關興 (安國)
Guan Xing (Anguo)

Second son of Guan Yu who survived him and also his brother Ping after Battle of Fan Castle. He managed to execute his father's traitors Mi Fang & Fu Shiren.
Weapon: Arm Blades
Seiyuu: Nobunaga Shimazaki (aka. Sun Quan Gundam in Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Ryo Sakurai in The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays)

Posted Image
Zhang Bao

Zhang Fei's son, who avenged his father by executing his assassinators Fan Jiang & Zhang Da. Later on together with his sworn brother Guan Xing, they participated in Shu's Northern Campaigns against Wei.
Weapon: Snake Blade
Seiyuu: Daisuke Sakaguchi (aka. Uso Ewin in Mobile Suit V Gundam, Cao Pi Gundam in Dynasty Warriors Gundam)

Posted Image
Zhang Chunhua

Wife of Sima Yi, mother of Sima Shi & Zhao. Said to be infamous for assassinating her own maid to conceal Yi's fake illness, and she is also often superior over her husband in family feuds.
Weapon: Wire Claws
Seiyuu: Masumi Asano (aka. BlackRose in .hack, Alkaid in .hack//G.U., Tira in Soul Calibur)

Posted Image
賈充 (公閭)
Jia Chong (Gonglu)

Wei-Jin advisor who lived through Jin's unification of China. Suggested throne abdication to Sima Yan but later went against invasion of Wu. Father of Jia Nanfeng who would later cause chaos in post-unified Jin Dynasty.
Weapon: Throwing Tomahawks
Seiyuu: Hiroki Takahashi (aka. Hugo Medio in Super Robot Wars MX, Ryu in Street Fighter 4, Eiji Kikumaru in Prince of Tennis)

Posted Image
文鴦 (次騫)
Wen Yang (Ciqian)

Son of Wei general Wen Qin who accompanied his father when the latter rebelled against the Simas. His feats especially stressed out Sima Shi. When Wen Qin was killed by Zhuge Dan, he went berserk but was given amnesty by Sima Zhao, thus he served Jin for the rest of his life, living through the unification along with his brother Wen Hu.
Weapon: Javelin
Seiyuu: Yuuki Ono (aka. Zhao Yun Gundam in Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Kagami Taiga in The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays, Zenakichi Hitoyoshi in Medaka Box)

Revealed Returning Characters
EX Weapon clones are said to be reduced as much as possible, but the end result is that everybody has been decloned with new weapons, resulting in no more weapon clones
Character's main weapons are basically based on their latest weapons in DW7 series
New decloned weapons will be bolded

劉備 (玄德) Liu Bei (Xuande) - Weapon: Twin Swords
劉禪 (公嗣) Liu Shan (Gongsi) - Weapon: Rapier
關羽 (雲長) Guan Yu (Yunchang) - Weapon: Crescent Glaive
張飛 (益德) Zhang Fei (Yide) - Weapon: Double Pike
趙雲 (子龍) Zhao Yun (Zilong) - Weapon: Dragon Spear
馬超 (孟起) Ma Chao (Mengqi) - Weapon: Spear
黃忠 (漢升) Huang Zhong (Hansheng) - Weapon: Bow
諸葛亮 (孔明) Zhuge Liang (Kongming) - Weapon: Feather Fan
姜維 (伯約) Jiang Wei (Boyue) - New Weapon: Double-Edged Spear
徐庶 (元直) Xu Shu (Yuanzhi) - Weapon: Fencing Sword
龐統 (士元) Pang Tong (Shiyuan) - New Weapon: Wind Fan
魏延 (文長) Wei Yan (Wenchang) - Weapon: Double Voulge
馬岱 Ma Dai - Weapon: Magic Brush
關平 Guan Ping - Weapon: Great Sword
關索 Guan Suo - Weapon: Nunchaku
鮑三娘 Bao Sanniang - Weapon: Bladed Yo-yo
(張)星彩 (Zhang) Xingcai - Weapon: Sword & Shield
(黃)月英 (Huang) Yueying - Weapon: Dagger-axe

曹操 (孟德) Cao Cao (Mengde) - New Weapon: General Sword
曹丕 (子桓) Cao Pi (Zihuan) - New Weapon: Double-Bladed Sword
曹仁 (子孝) Cao Ren (Zixiao) - Weapon: Buckler Blade
夏侯惇 (元讓) Xiahou Dun (Yuanrang) - Weapon: Scimitar
夏侯淵 (妙才) Xiahou Yuan (Miaocai) - New Weapon: Rod Bow
典韋 Dian Wei - Weapon: Hand Axe
張遼 (文遠) Zhang Liao (Wenyuan) - Weapon: Twin Halberds
張郃 (儁乂) Zhang He (Junyi) - Weapon: Claws
徐晃 (公明) Xu Huang (Gongming) - Weapon: Great Axe
許褚 (仲康) Xu Zhu (Zhongkang) - Weapon: Club
龐德 (令明) Pang De (Lingming) - Weapon: Cudgel
郭嘉 (奉孝) Guo Jia (Fengxiao) - Weapon: Billiard Stick
賈詡 (文和) Jia Xu (Wenhe) - Weapon: Chain Sickle
甄姫 Zhenji - Weapon: Flute
蔡文姫 Cai Wenji - Weapon: Harp
王異 Wang Yi - Weapon: Sais

司馬懿 (仲達) Sima Yi (Zhongda) - New Weapon: Horsehair Whisk
司馬師 (子元) Sima Shi (Ziyuan) - Weapon: Lightning Sword
司馬昭 (子上) Sima Zhao (Zishang) - New Weapon: Strike Broadsword
王元姫 Wang Yuanji - Weapon: Throwing Daggers
郭淮 (伯濟) Guo Huai (Boji) - Weapon: Arm Cannon
鄧艾 (士載) Deng Ai (Shizai) - Weapon: Drill Lance
鍾會 (士季) Zhong Hui (Shiji) - Weapon: Flying Swords
諸葛誕 (公休) Zhuge Dan (Gongxiu) - New Weapon: Short Rod
夏侯霸 (仲權) Xiahou Ba (Zhongquan) - Weapon: Siege Lance

孫堅 (文台) Sun Jian (Wentai) - New Weapon: Nine-Ringed Broadsword
孫策 (伯符) Sun Ce (Bofu) - Weapon: Tonfa
孫權 (仲謀) Sun Quan (Zhongmou) - Weapon: Broadsword
孫尚香 Sun Shangxiang - Weapon: Chakrams
周瑜 (公瑾) Zhou Yu (Gongjin) - Weapon: Staff
陸遜 (伯言) Lu Xun (Boyan) - New Weapon: Swallow Swords
呂蒙 (子明) Lu Meng (Ziming) - Weapon: Pike
凌統 (公績) Ling Tong (Gongji) - New Weapon: Sanjiegun Staff
甘寧 (興霸) Gan Ning (Xingba) - Weapon: Chain Flail
周泰 (幼平) Zhou Tai (Youping) - Weapon: Katana
太史慈 (子義) Taishi Ci (Ziyi) - Weapon: Twin Rods
黃蓋 (公覆) Huang Gai (Gongfu) - Weapon: Iron Boat
丁奉 (承淵) Ding Feng (Chengyuan) - Weapon: Moon Blade
(歩)練師 (Bu) Lianshi - Weapon: Crossbow
大喬 DaQiao - Weapon: Twin Canes
小喬 XiaoQiao - Weapon: Iron Fan

張角 Zhang Jiao - Weapon: Monk Staff
董卓 (仲穎) Dong Zhuo (Zhongying) - Weapon: Bombs
呂布 (奉先) Lu Bu (Fengxian) - Weapon: Sky Halberd
貂嬋 Diaochan - Weapon: Chain Whip
袁紹 (本初) Yuan Shao (Benchu) - New Weapon: Stretch Rapier
孟獲 Meng Huo - Weapon: Knuckle Gloves
祝融 Zhurong - Weapon: Boomerang
左慈 (元放) Zuo Ci (Yuanfang) - Weapon: Magic Amulets [Glorious Return]

There are 77 characters appearing in total

Game Modes

Story Mode

  • Story Mode is still faction-oriented and has seamless cutscenes
  • Jin kingdom is still returning
  • DW8 will have more freedom in the stage's progress route, unlike DW7 which had a quite preset progress route
  • The multiple paths in Story mode refers to the different routes that can be taken in a stage
    (For example in the YTR stage there is a branch to 2 routes; the Left route has phantom soldiers appearing and a mission to destroy the generating pots, while the Right route has magicians who drop ices and the mission is to defeat them)
  • The stories are being rewritten from scratch
  • There will be also what-if stories that consist of certain generals living beyond their actual lifespans or doing something extraordinarily different
  • Example of what-ifs
    Shu: Xu Shu appears at Fan Castle to rescue Guan Yu
    Wu: Zhou Yu lives longer to take command at Battle of Hefei
    Wei: Guo Jia lives longer to participate at Battle of Chi Bi
    Jin: Wen Yang opposes his father Wen Qin's rebellion and joins Jin straight away
  • Depending on the play condition in Story Mode, some generals who should've been already dead historically would become still alive, thus developing into a what-if scenario
  • There will be a selection of main characters to choose in some stages; it will span around 2-4 characters (eg. Wei's Hefei may have selection between Zhang Liao, Yue Jin or Li Dian)
  • Selecting different POVs will also give different play points
    (For example in Wei's Luoyang Escape Battle, playing as Cao Cao starts inside the castle, while playing as Xiahou Dun instead starts from outside castle)
  • Unlike past games where most storylines start at Yellow Turban Rebellion, this time each kingdom stories will start at different stages
    Shu: Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Wei: Luoyang Escape Battle (Failed Assassination on Dong Zhuo)
    Wu: Battle of Xiangyang (Assault on Liu Biao)
    Jin: Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion
  • Callable horses will be fixed depending on the character and stage
Free Mode

  • The mode where it is possible to play any story stages with any characters is back
  • Also returning is a feature from DW3 where it will be possible to play as the opposing sides in the stages
    (eg. Playing on Liu Biao's side in Wu's Battle of Xiangyang stage)
  • Such feature is named "Reverse Scenario" and will be unlockable after completing certain requirements
Commander Mode (将星モード)

  • A new mode that seems to be reminiscent as a combination between DW4XL's Xtreme Mode and DW7XL's castle building
  • In the mode, the player builds a base from scratch and develops it by going to battles
  • When starting the mode the first time, the character selected will be player's starter character; all other characters will need to be obtained as partners to become usable in the mode
  • The base starts with only a single facility: the Weapon Shop
  • As the player progresses, the base will get more bustling, more facilities will be unlocked, and more people will come to visit it
  • List of Facilities

    • Weapon Shop - Can Buy & Sell weapons, and if ranked up may Temper weapons to strengthen them, there is also a special menu for obtaining DLC weapons
    • Dispatch Place - Able to dispatch troops to separate regions with different growth rates, gaining different rewards which will be given after player finishes a battle, higher rank unlocks more regions
    • Restaurant - Eat some meals that can increase stats temporarily for the next battle, if ranked up more menus are added
    • Exchange Place - Trade materials and Buy support animals, if ranked up, exchange ratio will be better and rare animals will be available for purchase
    • Farm - Produce crops to gain gold, harvest is available after a battle, higher rank equals higher income
    • Stable - Feed animals, if the animals are satisfied, they may give rewards like materials, weapons, or even more animals, higher rank allows more feed variety; each animals have their specific favorite & hated feeds
    • Training place - Train generals to increase their EXP levels, higher rank equals more experience gained
    • School - Buy items that increase general's level and stats, higher rank unlocks more stat item varieties
  • The end-game goal is to build the Bronze Pheasant Tower, which will entice Han Emperor Xian to visit the base
  • Battles are generated randomly based on existing battlemaps, and will have one of three types: Skirmish, Raid, or Large-scale Battle
  • Each battle types have different reward tendencies:
    Skirmishes tend to reward building materials
    Raids allow to rake more gold
    Large-scale Battles give the opportunity to recruit more partner generals
  • By repeating a same battle category (for example from a Large-scale Battle to another Large-scale Battle), the reward multiplier will be increased, and there will be also a probability of encountering a 猛将戦 Fierce General Battle (could be translated to Xtreme Battle), where a unique character appears as boss and if defeated will become a partner
  • Partner generals may be brought together into battles, or be placed at a facility to improve that place
  • If a unique character is gotten as a partner, one of them can be brought as a bodyguard, which can give support skills such as life recovery and increased drop rate, as well as able to execute a Double Musou Attack with the character
  • As with DW7's Chronicle/Conquest mode, it is possible to build up relationship with fellow unique characters, however there is a difference in which the relationship stat is now divided into two: Relationship with Male characters and with Female characters, so it becomes possible to listen to special relationship quotes towards both genders
  • After the end-game goal is reached, high-level facilities and battles will be unlocked, thus allowing post-clear replay value
All modes will support offline and online co-op
Furthermore, playing online co-op is said to give more rewards if the stage is cleared

Gameplay Systems


  • Weapon switch system from DW7 is returning
  • All DW7 weapon types up to DW7E will be returning along with more brand-new weapons
  • It will be no longer possible to change equipped weapons during battles; changing weapons would be only allowed before a battle starts (such as in pre-battle menus or pausing at battlecamps)
  • Weapons are gotten from dropped weapon boxes just like DW7E and pre-DW6 games. When getting a new weapon there is an information box at top left which specifies the name of weapon gotten; the details would be at result page
  • Weapon Seals are gone and replaced with a new Weapon Tempering system that will allow more weapon customization & collection
  • There is no weapon gender restriction
  • Weapon Proficiency is returning, this time with a maximum of 4 stars. It will also now affect attack power stat
  • Proficiency levels are based on the characters, and will increase as the character levels up
  • It is still possible to switch weapons while on horseback
Weapon Tempering

  • Weapon owning system resembles DW5-6 where it is possible to own multiple weapons of the same kind but with different parameters
  • Weapon tempering is a feature to strengthen owned weapons
  • There are 2 types of tempering: Strengthening and Trading
    Strengthen Tempering = Combine the same weapons to have a mix of their stats
    Trade Tempering = Trade 3 weapons and weapon materials to create 2 stronger weapons
  • Effects of Tempering and Increased attack power and element level, and also sometimes the element type may change
  • When the weapon has an element, the weapon name will become [Element] + [Weapon Name]. Some known element examples are 火炎 Blaze, 気絶 Stun and 病毒 Virus
    (For example if the weapon name is Blue Dragon Halberd, then depending on the element the weapon has its final name may become Blaze Blue Dragon Halberd, Virus Blue Dragon Halberd, and so on)
  • Examples of Elements
    火炎 Blaze - Fire damage
    荊棘 Thorn - Deal a portion of taken damage back to enemy
    神速 Godspeed - Increase attack speed
Weapon Affinity

  • Weapons now have affinity which corresponds to the weapons the opponent is holding
  • Posted Image
    There are 3 affinity elements:
    天 Heaven
    地 Earth
    人 People
  • There is a triangular relationship to determine which affinity is better against which
    Heaven is good against Earth
    Earth is good against People
    People is good against Heaven
  • Affinity seems to be determined by each individual weapons rather than by weapon types
  • The affinity color shows up on the character's weapon icon in HUD, and the top left enemy general HP bar also has a new icon showing their weapon & affinity
  • This affinity relationship will decide which of the new actions below may be triggered
Storm Rush

  • Activated if player's weapon has better affinity to opponent's weapon
  • Breaks enemy guard, allows more combo attack, and increases attack speed
  • Posted Image
    Enemy officer who wields weapon with worse affinity to player's will have a greenish Vigor Gauge on top of their HP bar
  • The vigor gauge starts with a full outer circle, which will be depleted as the officer is attacked by player
  • When the outer circle is gone, Storm Rush will be activated
  • During Storm Rush, Square & Triangle buttons can be mashed to launch continuous attacks
  • Character's direction can be changed during Storm Rush
Variable Counter

  • Activated if player's weapon has worse affinity to opponent's weapon
  • As the name suggests, it's a counter attack that will make weapon switch at the end
  • Posted Image
    Enemy officer who wields weapon with better affinity to player's will have a red mark on top of their HP bar
  • To execute a Variable Counter, launch a Variable attack (R1) on the enemy officer while they are charging their powerful attack
  • A cue to see when the officer is charging a powerful attack if the officer flashes brightly

  • Both Storm Rush & Variable Counter will also blow away surrounding enemies
Musou Attacks

  • All characters now have 3 Musou attacks
    1st Musou: O
    2nd Musou: R1+O
    3rd Musou: Aerial O
  • The 1st & 2nd ground Musous will have different functions: One will be more towards crowd-clearing, while the other one will be focusing on dealing larger damage to a certain enemy
  • The Musou attack variety will be unlocked as the character is strengthened up
    (Which means only 1st Musou will be available at the beginning, with 2nd & 3rd Musous needing to be unlocked later)
  • Normal Musou gauge seems to be permanently set to 3 stocks
  • Horseback Musou attack is also still available
  • Musou gauge cannot be filled by holding Musou button (Circle)

  • This system is reminiscent to DW5's Awakening Rage
  • The red gauge left of player character's portrait is the Awakening Gauge
  • When the awakening gauge is full, the player can opt to enter Awakening mode by pressing R3
  • During Awakening mode, the Musou gauge that is usually composed of multiple blocks will be unified into a single bar like past DW games
  • Stats are greatly increased, and Musou attack will be changed to Awakening Musou attack
  • Awakening Musou seems to be reminiscent to pre-DW7 Musou attacks
  • When a lot of enemies are beaten with this Awakening Musou, it will evolve even further into True Awakening Musou
  • The merit of using Awakening Musou is that enemies beaten will drop better experience-up items
Skill Equipment

  • The skill system which is reminiscent of the system in WO1-2 replaces the Seal system in DW7
  • To get & strengthen skills, there are optional requirements that if repeatedly succeeded will increase the skill mastery rate and eventually unlock/strengthen the skills
  • Most of the requirements are doing certain things while in certain situation, for example beating an enemy general while in a certain situation. These requirements can be checked at the battle menu
  • There will be also weapon mastery skills which allows the user to unlock the weapon proficiency move regardless of their proficiency levels
  • To unlock weapon mastery skills, level up the EX weapon owner to a certain level
    (For example Xiahou Dun is the EX user of Scimitar, so leveling him up will eventually unlock Scimitar Mastery skill)
  • Skill levels are shared among all characters
  • Up to 4 skills may be equipped at one time
Other Gameplay Tweaks

  • The gameplay is designed so that even casual gamers can also enjoy them, but expert players will also find features like Affinity system crucial on clearing high difficulty stages
  • Character growth system is back to Level & EXP system used in DW6 and other Warriors games
  • Character levels will be shared on all modes: Story, Free and Commander
  • Support animals are also returning; they are obtainable from buying at Exchange Place, or obtaining Beast Jewel items from stages
  • Horse calling is done by pressing L2, but if L2 is held down until the horse arrives, it will then become possible to automatically ride the horse
  • Combo chain count is back to DW6's system which counts every combo hits made against every enemy
  • Jump Charge is confirmed returning


  • The game system is mainly based on DW7, hence the quicker development cycle
  • DW8's concept is "Infinite Deepening" rather than "Evolution", thus focusing more on the quantitative addition
  • The most major difference from DW7 is renewed costumes
  • There will be a Very Easy setting dedicated for casual players which will have a specific control type designed to be able to unleash variety of combos with just a single button
  • Ally AI is said to have been made stronger
  • Online play is said to be put more effort compared to past games
  • City/Camp walking from DW7 is back
  • The Deferred Lighting technique is being used to draw the graphics here, which hopefully will reduce the jarring framerate drop from DW7 as much as possible
  • Another solution to reduce framerate drop is by desynchronizing processing and drawing framerates
    Processing framerate will be fixed to 60 FPS
    Drawing framerate is expected to fluctuate between 45-60 FPS
  • Stages are to be revamped with better graphics, weather effects and more visible gimmicks
  • Another graphical improvement is when a character falls down to ground, then some dirt or sand may remain on their bodies
  • The game will be available in both retail disc & digital download in Japan; it is unknown yet what effect this will have to overseas versions
  • The DLC costumes from DW7 games will not be compatible with DW8 due to the difference in character model developments
  • First-Print copy incentive is a DLC code for ROTK XII costumes of Zhao Yun & Sun Shangxiang
  • Pre-Order incentive is one of 4 smartphone poaches designed with one of the 4 main kingdoms
  • There will be store-exclusive DLCs in DW1 costumes for Cao Cao, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Guan Yu & Zhang Fei; As with DW7-XL store-exclusive DLCs, these will be made available publicly 5 months after release (for western versions most likely as first DLC batch)
  • Lawson will also have another exclusive DLC costume for Wang Yuanji, this time featuring one of Lawson's characters Akikoloid with their Karaage-kun chicken nugget mascot. However as with past Lawson Yuanji costumes, there are no plans to make this available for public
  • A usual collector's edition is also available in Treasure Box, which also has Character 3D Crystal with LED stand, OST CD, and Game Guide & Artwork books
    (This Treasure Box deal is usually only available in Japan; most likely it'll be the same here as well)
  • The Japanese version will have a theme song 嵐が丘 Arashigaoka sung by Tomoyasu Hotei. There will be also a special collaboration DLC of costume for Lu Bu and Sky Halberd weapon skin designed by Mr. Hotei
  • A demo was available on the 19th of January in Japanese game stores; be advised it is not a PSN-store release, and there will be no PSN demo version
  • Disc version will have an optional data install sized at 11 GB
  • Digital version will be sized at 19 GB, however when installing a double space is required, which means 38 GB of free space is needed to install
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真・三國無双7 猛将伝
Shin Sangokumusou 7 Moushouden
aka. Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends

Console: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4
Release Date: 28 November 2013 (JP PS3&PSV), 22 February 2014 (JP PS4)
Official Site:
http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/smusou7m/ (JP)

New Characters

Posted Image
陳宮 (公臺)
Chen Gong (Gongtai)

A Han magistrate who initially helped Cao Cao but eventually left him to become Lu Bu's strategist. When Lu Bu's force was defeated in Xiapi he was captured, and afterwards he asked for himself to be executed.
Weapon: Tactic Scroll
Seiyuu: Hiromu Miyazaki (aka. Fudou & Shuren in FotNS Ken's Rage, Yagyu Munenori in Samurai Warriors, Gao Shun Vayeate in Dynasty Warriors Gundam)
[#1 in Famitsu's DW8 Most Wanted Poll]

Posted Image
Lu Lingqi

Daughter of Lu Bu. Was originally offered for a political marriage with Yuan Shu's son, however that plan seemed to have failed. Her fate after Lu Bu's death is unknown.
Weapon: Cross Halberd
Seiyuu: Hiroko Ushida (aka. Shikimi in Toukiden, Umbra in Super Robot Wars OG 2nd)
[Honorable Mention in Famitsu's DW7 Most Wanted Poll]

Posted Image
于禁 (文則)
Yu Jin (Wenze)

One of the Wei Five Generals. Historically a very strict and orderly general. He had many accomplishments during Cao Cao's early campaigns including against Yuan Shao, but all of that were tarnished when he was forced to surrender to Guan Yu in the battle of Fan Castle.
Weapon: Tri-Edged Spear
Seiyuu: Atsushi Miyauchi (aka. Lu Bu Tallgeese in Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Daiju Mononobe in Eden of the East)
[#3 in Famitsu's DW8 Most Wanted Poll]

Posted Image
法正 (孝直)
Fa Zheng (Xiaozhi)

A wily strategist who initially served Liu Zhang, but he later plotted to have him surrender to Liu Bei, and he eventually served the latter. Also participated in the battle of Mt. Dingjun where his strategy resulted in Huang Zhong successfully killing Xiahou Yuan.
Weapon: Linked Clothes
Seiyuu: Tomohisa Hashizume (aka. Bertolt Hoover in Attack on Titan, Mithrenes in Fate/Zero)
[#9 in Famitsu's DW8 Most Wanted Poll]

Posted Image
朱然 (義封)
Zhu Ran (Yifeng)

Wu general who was study friends with Sun Quan. Was recommended to succeed Lu Meng when the latter was dying. Famous for setting fire on Shu camps in the battle of Yiling.
Weapon: Blaze Bow
Seiyuu: Tetsuya Kakihara (aka. Angelo Sauper in Gundam Unicorn, Simon in Gurren Lagann, Jin Kisaragi in Blazblue)
[#4 in Famitsu's DW8 Most Wanted Poll]

A total of 5 new characters are added, bringing the roster number up to 82 characters

Mode Enhancements

  • Challenge Mode is returning

    • Online Ranking is also returning
    • There will be 5 courses available; one extra from the past games' 4. Confirmed courses so far are the following:
      暴風 Storm - Kill as many enemies as possible
      彗星 Comet - Kill, by blowing enemies away to the depth, as many as possible
      烈火 Conflagration - Details unknown yet
    • The mode will now reward a certain useful item when new records are set, which is a weapon with an exclusive element corresponding to the course
      (eg. Passing the record in the Storm course will net a weapon with the new Storm element pre-imbued)

  • Story Mode will have a new playable storyline for Lu Bu's force

    • The story will much describe most of Lu Bu's lifetime, from serving Ding Yuan, to betraying him and going to Dong Zhuo, then killing the latter and becoming independent
    • There is also a what-if branch where Lu Bu's force will become dominating
    • Producer Suzuki said that by giving more focus on Lu Bu, they are going back to the roots of the Xtreme Legends expansions (could be referring to the first XL: DW3XL)
  • There will be more what-if scenarios as well, with examples like:

    • What if Cao Cao were beaten by Yuan Shao in the battle of Guandu
    • What if Wu-Shu's fire ploy failed in the battle of Chi Bi
      (this one could be on Wu/Shu's side rather than Wei's which was already in DW8)
  • These new what-ifs will be separate from the original DW8 stories, so they should be playable even without Mixjoy

  • Commander/Ambition Mode will have a new goal in "Unification"

    • By playing more stages in the mode, there will be a new conquest ratio available which will determine if a region will be conquered
    • Participating generals in own army can now be freely selected from the list of partner generals acquired

  • Free Mode will also have some new features

    • Bodyguard General system will be added

      • Up to 3 bodyguards can be brought to battle, generic generals can also be brought
    • All stages in Free Mode will have sub-objectives that will be exclusive to the mode

New Gameplay Features

  • Ultimate/Nightmare difficulty will be returning
  • Weapon Tempering will be enhanced to enable more freedom in constructing weapons

    • Weapon elements can be changed freely by using the newly added Gems that will be obtainable at Commander/Ambition mode

  • There will be more new weapon types to accompany new characters as well
  • Characters will be having a 2nd EX attack
    (Note that characters are still tied to 1 EX weapon, not 2 weapons)


  • DW8XL is claimed to be The Strongest Xtreme Legends
  • Since PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 versions have also been announced, DW8XL will become available in 4 different packages

    • PS3 DW8XL standalone game (requires Mixjoy/Remix to connect with vanilla DW8)
    • PS3 DW8-with-XL combined game (Mixjoy/Remix not needed but this package is more expensive)
    • PSV DW8-with-XL combined game
    • PS4 DW8-with-XL combined game
    All 4 package types will be available in physical disc(PS3/PS4)/cartridge(PSV) and digital download
    [Mixjoy/Remix methods that utilize digital versions are still unknown at current point]
  • Cross-platform play between PS3 & PSV versions are confirmed
  • Save data from PS3 vanilla DW8 can be brought over to not only PS3 DW8XL, but also the PSV version. Cross-platform save is also possible
  • The higher-quality PS4 version will be a launch title for PlayStation 4's release in Japan

    • The PS4 version will support not only better graphics, but also better AI interaction and motion physics such as more realistic falling soldiers
    • There will be no exclusive new contents in this version as they will focus on upgrading the infrastructures
  • With Sony's PS4 Upgrade/Passport campaign, those who have played PS3 version will be able to download a digital PS4 version at a discounted price
  • High probability that bought DW8 DLCs might carry over to DW8XL
  • First print incentive will be new costumes based from other KOEI-Tecmo franchises for Zhao Yun, Wang Yuanji and Xu Shu, who are the Top 3 in the most recent official popularity poll
    The costumes will be as following:
    #1 Zhao Yun: Ibuki from Toukiden
    #2 Wang Yuanji: Rorona from New Atelier Rorona
    #3 Xu Shu: Ritsu Kisaragi from La Corda d'Oro 3 (a musical dating game for girls made by Koei)
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真・三國無双7 Empires
Shin Sangokumusou 7 Empires
aka. Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

Console: PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC[Steam] (NA-EU only?)
Release Date: 20 November 2014 (JP), 24 February 2015 (NA), 27 February 2015 (EU)
Official Site:
http://www.gamecity.ne.jp/smusou7e/ (JP)

New Character
Posted Image
荀彧 (文若)
Xun Yu (Wenruo)

One of Cao Cao's advisors, he introduced many talents including Guo Jia and Sima Yi to him. A Han loyalist, he kept urging Cao Cao to stay loyal to the Han emperor. Said to be committing suicide at the end.
Weapon: Formation Wand
Seiyuu: Takashi Ohara (aka. Kyosuke Tsurugi in Inazuma Eleven)
[#2 in Famitsu's DW8 Most Wanted Poll]

Xun Yu is the only added character here, bringing the total unique character roster to 83 people
This also means the remaining rankers (#5 Cheng Pu, #6 Lu Kang, #7 Gao Shun, #8 Wang Ping, #10 Zhuge Jin) will remain generic, however as with all other generics, they can be made pseudo-unique with the CAW General Replacement feature which is returning from DW7E

Due to the original seiyuu (JP VA) of Sima Yi passing away shortly after DW8 release, he will be now voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu (same seiyuu as Sima Shi) *NEW*

Gameplay Features
大規模秘計 Large-Scale Stratagems

  • These are new kinds of stratagems added to further enhance the Stratagem system that was introduced in DW7E
  • Large-Scale Stratagems are more difficult to carry out; some soldiers will temporarily leave the battlefield to prepare for the stratagem and it will also take more time until complete
  • The payoff however is very big that these stratagem effects can even turn the tide of battle very easily
  • Examples of Large-Scale Stratagems:
    火計 Fire Ploy - Unleashes fire to gradually damage enemies
    豪雨 Heavy Rain - Calls forth a torrential rain that can be used to put off fire from the above ploy
簡易拠点 Simple Bases

  • Other than the default preset bases on battlefields, forces will now be able to set up their own simple bases
  • These simple bases can be set up anywhere on the map
  • There will be a new gauge related to constructing simple bases; this gauge can be filled and a portion of it will have to be used in order to set up a base
  • Once these bases have been set up, structures like Recovery Pillar (which heals nearby allies) and Catapult can be placed on them
Weapon Reassignment *NEW*

  • All DLC weapons from DW8 & DW8XL will be included in-game
  • Some characters will have their EX weapons changed, possibly leaving their old weapons as generic/CAW exclusive
  • Currently confirmed EX weapon changes:
    Sun Quan - Blaze Sword
    Wang Yi - Emei Piercers
    Deng Ai - Drill Crossbow
    Huang Yueying - Bladed Bow
    Sabatons - Guan Suo
    Twin Fans - XiaoQiao
    Stone Pillar - Meng Huo
    Mandarin Duck Hooks - Bu Lianshi
    Dragon Stool - Liu Shan
Misc. Battle Features

  • Core DW8 gameplay features like weapon affinities, Storm Rush, Variable Counter and Awakening Musou are still intact here *NEW*
  • Normal bases (the preset ones) now have levels, which will affect the base's strength among others
    For example, the base's defense tower: at low level it only reduces enemy HP at a slow rate, but at high level it can almost instantly swipe out enemies
  • Player characters will be able to give specific orders to other generals as they increase their ranks
  • Battlefield environments will change depending on the seasons; not only the graphical looks, but weather possibilities may also change
  • Weather will play bigger roles in battles now; other than the above seasonal changes, there are also some stratagems that can change weather
  • Some stratagems will have different grade of effectiveness depending on the weather
  • Time will also actually affect the battlefield; some stratagems can be only used at a certain time of day such as Night Raid
Playstyle Features

  • The ways of life and fame features from DW7E are returning as well but has been modified a bit
  • Some of the playstyles introduced are:
    正道 Path of Righteousness - Do things well and be yearned by the people in return
    邪道 Path of Heresy - Live by allowing any means including wicked ones
  • Fame statuses are no longer shown in numbers; they will be now calculated and stored internally
  • Events and reactions from these playstyles will be made even more prominent than in DW7E
  • Rulers can now retire and abdicate their thrones to someone else
Marriage and Children

  • The relationship system also returns, including marriage
  • In this game, some time after marriage, the couple will be able to give birth to their own children
  • Children can be used to continue the legacy of their parents the next turn after they become available, rather than having to restart the game with another character
  • Children characters generated will be always original, even if both of their parents are unique
  • Not only stats will be inherited from their parents, but the children's looks will also be based on their parents by gene-mixing with CAW parts
    (What the last 2 points might imply: Marrying Sima Yi with Zhang Chunhua will not result in Sima Shi nor Zhao, but another original child with resemblance to Yi and Chunhua will be created)
Edit Mode Enhancements

  • It is now also possible to modify own force's flag, soldiers and horses
  • Soldiers can be freely modified including their body postures; it is even possible to make midget or dwarf-like soldiers. Their weapons can also be determined
  • Creating own horse is also possible while modifying its size and hair color among others
  • Custom pictures from hard disk may be able to be used in flags, however this only applies to PS3 & PS4 versions (Xbox One ver deconfirmed, PC ver unknown)
  • Edit characters (CAWs) will also have more detailed size sliders for each body parts
  • There are also more base faces and models for CAWs
  • More added body feature modifications include like contour, wrinkles and mustache/beard
  • As with the past game, CAW data can be shared by uploads and downloads
  • It is also even possible to create own-edited scenarios, with CAWs being able to be freely assigned anywhere
DW7E CAW Import *NEW*

  • Those who have played DW7E will be able to import all of their created CAWs to DW8E so they don't have to be created from scratch again
  • The following CAW features will be imported:
    CAW Name
    Existing General Replacement settings
    Body Posture
    Costume Parts
    Voice (type only, implying the CAW voices may be voiced quite differently)
  • Save transfer is only available to PlayStation consoles; first boot up the PS3 version which will detect DW7E save data, then utilize the PS cross-platform save to transfer save data from PS3 ver to PS4 ver

  • It is implied that a Free Mode where battle participants could be freely chosen might be available (75% certainty)
  • A PlayStation Vita version is also under consideration, but even if it is confirmed, it will not be released at the same time with PS3, PS4 & Xbox One versions *NEW*

Miscellaneous Information
Edit Mode Demo

  • Edit Mode demo will be available again
  • As with DW7E demo, there will be a mini-stage available to test-play the CAW
  • Saved data can be brought over to the full game or the Free Co-Op version, the latter to be explained right below
Free Co-Op Version

  • There will be also a Free-to-Play version that will be released to public at the same time of the full game release
  • Limitations of the F2P version:

    • Cannot start Empire Mode (the main mode of the game)
    • Can play Free Mode
    • Able to join in Co-Op sessions hosted by full version players
      (Since hosting a session requires the player to be in Empire Mode, that means F2P version players cannot host one)
    • Edit Mode basic features are the same
    • Available CAW costume parts are restricted; it is implied that parts that need unlocking in full version might be purchasable in F2P version with real money
    • Saved CAW slots available will be lesser than full version
    • The F2P version will be available for PS4 & PS3 only *NEW*
  • Upcoming DLCs for the full game will be also made compatible with the Free Co-Op version
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Most Recent Information
8 July 2014
25 September 2014 has been confirmed as the release date for Japanese PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions

Past Information Batches
19 June 2014 Famitsu scans

4 June 2014 Famitsu scans
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