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DW Gundam 2 P1 Play as Rick Dom & MA,NPC pilots Kacricon & Crown
Topic Started: Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:17 am (1,155 Views)
SEED Destiny
[ * ]
Enable Code (Must Be On)

90112F58 0C044B7E
200A0000 3C010052
200A0004 8C21E3AC
200A0008 1020003C
200A0080 3C010052
200A0084 8C21E4BC
200A0088 1020001C
200A0100 03E00008
2011342C 08028000


200A0010 8C220160
200A0014 AC220164


200A0018 8C220168
200A001C AC22016C

P1 Max Range

200A0020 24027FFF
200A0024 A422018E

P1 INf Boost

200A0028 84220180
200A002C A422017E

P1 Max Attack And Shield

200A0030 240203E8
200A0034 A4220176
200A0038 A4220178
200A003C A422017C


200A0090 8C220160
200A0094 AC220164


200A0098 8C220168
200A009C AC22016C

P2 Max Range

200A00A0 24027FFF
200A00A4 A422018E

P2 INf Boost

200A00A8 84220180
200A00AC A422017E

P2 Max Attack And Shield

200A00B0 240203E8
200A00B4 A4220176
200A00B8 A4220178
200A00BC A422017C

INf Boost (Alt)

20243614 86430180

Inf SP (Alt)

0024371C 00000001

Max Kills

001B4DF8 00000001

N times after the mission experience

202a855c 0002XXXX

1040 2 times
1080 4 times
1100 8 times
1140 16 times

N times the speed of motion

2028b1d4 3C02XXXX

3F80: Normal
3FC0: 1.5 times
4000: 2 times
4020: 2.5 times
4040: 3 times

MAX Friendship

406CE640 00240001
03E803E8 00000000

All skill unlock

006CE53C 000000FF

Attack Range

1051E382 00007FFF

All Licenses

4068DA28 00280014
FFFFFFFF 00000000

All Pilots

4068DA2C 00280014
FFFFFFFF 00000000

Get all parts from defeated oppenent

200FF300 A26307CD
200FF304 26100001
200FF308 2A010005
200FF30C 10200004
200FF314 080AA07A
200FF318 24070003
200FF320 080AA08D
202A8108 24100000
202A822C 0803FCC0

Max drop parts parameter

202A7050 00000000
202A7118 00000000
202A717C 00000000
202A72D0 00000000
202A73FC 00000000

P1 Pilot Modifier

006CEC82 000000??

2D=Johnny Ridden
2E=Fa Yuiry
2F=Lalah Sune
34=Apolly Bay
38=Beecha Oleg
39=Elle Vianno
3B=Kayra Su
3C=Chan Agi
3D=Hathaway Noa
3E=Kyoji Kasshu
40=Bright Noa (MSG)
41=Bright Noa (Zeta)
42=Bright Noa (CCA)
43=Fraw Bow
44=Kycilia Zabi
46=Henken Bekkener
47=Rain Mikamura
49=Leina Ashta
4A=Gihren Zabi
4B=Bask Om
4C=Relena Darlian
4E=Dianna Soriel

P1 Gundam Modifier

006CEC84 000000?? - Skin etc
006CECA2 000000?? - Moves
006CEC86 000000?? - MS Name in the unit info

2E=Rick Dom
43=Big Zam
44=Psycho Gundam
45=Psycho Gundam MkII
46=Quin Mantha
47=Alpha Azieru
48=Devil Gundam (Dark Gundam)
49=Psycho Gundam MkII
Edited by SEED Destiny, Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:00 am.
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[ * ]
NICE! I would so love to try this out. Do you have a video of this?
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Ma Su
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Why, yes. I am better than you are.
[ *  *  *  *  *  * ]
You sir are GOD!!! I'm playing as Rezin Schnyder!!!
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[ * ]
SEED Destiny, do you have any codes that makes us to equip all skills for the NTSC version?
I saw one of them but they are in Japanese format named "can equip all skills".
thanks in advance :)

for the link of where I saw the code is:
Edited by djaxilia, Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:54 pm.
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Where do you put the codes in?
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