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Site Suggestion Thread (KW: Conquerors)
Topic Started: Sun Mar 4, 2018 1:23 am (141 Views)
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Hey all,

You may already know our main site closed last year and in the meantime KOEI Warriors: Conquerors has been posting site news to continue on sharing the latest news of KOEI TECMO's and any affiliate brands in it's stead.

If you're unaware, please check it out: https://kwconquerors.net/

As for the previous KW site suggestion topic, it has been archived, so think of this as the V2 of the thread. And as for this topic itself if you have any helpful, constructive feedback for us and the staff at KW: Conquerors please do post it here. Thank you.

KOEI Warriors Staff Team
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eat your spinach
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Design wise, the site looks really great. It looks about as sleek as the old KW.

In terms of organization, I think that it does a really good job too. In my opinion there are no real problems with the layout of the site.

tl;dr version of possible improvements:

-Dropdowns within dropdowns are excessive, particularly when some of the dropdowns are incredibly long.

-Pages with little to no information should be updated. If there are no plans to update them, they probably shouldn't exist.

-Pages that are supposed to serve as links to other pages (e.g. "Other
KOEI games") should have the links to those other pages.

-The Game Series Published tab doesn't really have anything useful in it and could probably be scrapped.

-The reviews section should probably be split into "KOEI-Tecmo game reviews" and "Non-KT game reviews." The KT game reviews could be categorized by franchise while the Non-KT game reviews could be categorized by genre.

- Pages for games that are empty and will probably remain empty forever should probably just be scrapped. People looking for Nobunaga's Ambition info for instance are probably looking for info on either the games released in English or/and the most recent games in the series. Links to pages for JP only games like NA: Zenkokuban seem like they're just clutter, especially when those pages have very little useful information on them anyways.

Apologies for the longwinded-ness. I understand that it's a lot of work to make a site. I also understand that parts of the website are still under construction with few people (or maybe even just one person) working really hard on it. I think the site looks really good, but parts of it do seem incomplete. I could see it becoming similar to the old KW with a bit of polish.
Edited by Rance, Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:24 pm.
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KOEI Warriors: Conqueror's Chairman
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Hey Rance,

I'm pretty much working solo on the site itself, with a bit of help with certain image making and reviews. I plan to slowly add more to other pages, we did have much more content but had to delete a bunch due to how Photobucket became a premium service. I need to get round to re-uploading screenshots and the like.

I'll look into making the drop down menu's much more bearable.

As for all the games (especially the far less relevant ones), this was something me and Chin wanted to do with the original KW website way back when (More of having a KT database). I can work on executing it in a much better way so relevant titles appear on top so you don't have to dig through the other titles to get to the ones you'd commonly look for.

As I'm very much a solo worker on the site, it does take a lot of time to try and get things updated and new content added. My priority for content for pages has been for upcoming releases or those recently released. We are also working on getting more reviews published to fill out those pages. We currently have no plans to incorporate anything non KOEI Tecmo.

But thank you very much for the suggestions. It's good to be able to see the perspective of others and hopefully I can at the very least get it a lot more navigation friendly and focused more so on the relevant games.
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