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Welcome to the forums of Sigil: City of Doors. | New update 5/28/18 - read the update notes here!
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Forum rules
Only Administrators represent SCoD servers official point of view, while builders, scripters, moderators, lore assistants or players may and possibly will get it right it bears mentioning.

This is english forum so english is expected.

Rule of Three

1) Avoid needless profanity. It serves no purpose and doesn't enrich the message context most of the times.
2) Avoid needless spamming. It is possible to write longer posts also.
3)Avoid needless harrassing and griefing. If you have personal issues, handle it in private messages with that said player or with DM.

Failing to follow these might result to either edited, moved or deleted posts by administrators.


Not rule, but it will make posts easier to read if you...
- use paragraphs when posts goes in great lengths, so you will not have to read wall of text.
- use punctuations.

We won't be nazis out of the last two, you don't have to be able to type fluent english by any means, so don't be intimidated even if they're written here.