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A few people have already become privy to this small bit of information: yes, I've been back for a short amount of time under a new tag. Saying it pretty publicly, many of you knew me as Harroc, or perhaps as Ecko. Some simply knew me as my tag, entarowaffles. Side note, that's a joke title meaning in the honor of waffles. =3

To some that probably meant or means nothing. Others know the last time I was actually around before my couple month trek here. It was a number of years ago now, how long exactly eludes me, but it was long enough for me to move states, change three jobs, leave and go back to school, get married, get a house, and take on general adult responsibilities!

Yet in all of it, Sigil actually always held some of my most favorite memories as far as roleplay goes. It's actually the reason I decided to return for a bit. I do miss me some good RP! This server actually rarely disappointed in that aspect, and it didn't this time around either.

Yet this time around, obviously I didn't want to be known so much! A few figured it out eventually because I can't resist a good hint drop, but overall I kept myself hidden. All the better because there's a lot of new faces and new stories. Heck, it's been so long since I last played, the whole server looks different. I got to play clueless all over again and genuinely be so, which was actually kinda fun.

Why else might I have come back though you ask? You probably didn't but I'm gonna tell you anyway :P

I had my run of "important plot" characters in the past, and I've even had the pleasure of being staff on this server before. Then, and now, I saw people with interesting stories and fun plots. That time has long passed, and the truth is since then, I've become a lot less interested in being a part of major plot (and this is why I sadly turned you down Tingler, but I again thank you for the attempt). On the other hand, I wanted to promote other characters, make them have fun, and learn their stories, something that never left since my own days!

In fact, my character Harroc was probably my most transparent reason for being here: he came to get something, but more so because he found other people's stories interesting. I encourage people to do that sometime too, just to sit and listen to other people's stories. It's fun!

So, now the question is why I'm saying all of this now? Simple answer again! I probably will stop being around as much, and I'm betting I'll vanish eventually again. Do I know either of these for sure? Not at all! Those above mentioned things though continue to make me need to be responsible though, so there's always that risk that at any moment I'll simply have to stop playing, and judging by how things are turning in my life, that will come up soonish.

So I'll probably poke my head around here and there a bit more, but eventually I expect I'll be off into the 'verse once more. When that time comes, thanks everyone for making my brief time back fun once more.

(Don't Forget to be Awesome).
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