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Party Invitations Pop Up Disappeared

Pressed that "Never show invitation again" button? Well here's how you can get party invitation to show once more.

Go to your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2 folder, open nwn2player.ini and look for the spot:
DisablePartyInvitePopup=1 -> change it to 0

TIP: You can however agree the party invitation in your Player List screen.

Also often there is case where players gets message "already considering invitation", that is bug (not in every case, but if it persists a long time it is, you can conform from your upper right corner of player list for that). Only real way that helps on this is to relog. How does this usually occur? If you invite too fast after someone has relogged, this can happen if they are still loading, but can't click to accept invitation.
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