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Scod Downloads; All the files you need to play
Topic Started: Mar 18 2009, 11:29 AM (6,518 Views)
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With Sigil City of Doors stepping to beta, we're moving to Obsidians 1.23 version of NWN 2 auto downloader. This should make downloading very simple:

Start game, log in multiplayer and log in Sigil City of Doors server, it should handle the rest.

If this produces any kind of problems for you, feel free to contact administrators or put post to our bugs and errors section. Or if you feel like there's not enough to read during first download, feel free to let us know of that too :P

Optional Downloads
The following downloads are NOT required to play in SCoD, however they might make your gaming experience better.

VanillaRose,Jan 11 2010
09:13 PM
After mentioning that I could check my chat logs to see if a certain thing did or did not happen, I received some requests to share how to set up chat logging. Instead of sending PMs, I decided to post here so everyone could benefit. :)

How to Set Up Chat Logging

- Go to the nwn2player.ini file that is located in your My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2 file and open it.

- Scroll down a bit until you see [Game Options] in text.

- Insert the following line beneath the [Game Options] header: ClientChatLogging=1

- Save and close the file.

Your chat will now be logged, and it will be saved in a certain file that's a pain to find.

- Pull up your C drive.

- Go to the Documents and Settings folder.

---If you are using a version of Windows that is newer than XP, go to the Users folder.

- Go to the folder that has the username you use for your computer.

- Go to the Local Settings folder.

---If you are using a version of Windows that is newer than XP, go to the AppData folder and then the Local folder.

--- Depending on your settings, this folder may be hidden. To show folders that are hidden, go up to the Tools options at the top of your screen. Then select Folder Options. Then select the View tab. In the Advanced Settings window, you should see a folder icon called "Hidden files and folders" and a button option to select "Show hidden files and folders". Once you select the option and OK it, the Local Settings folder should show.

- Go to the Temp folder.

- Go to the NWN2 folder.

- Go to the LOGS folder.

- There will be two documents inside this folder. Chat logging is saved to the one called nwclientLog1.txt. I strongly recommend that if you are serious about saving your chat logs that you create a shortcut to nwclientLog1 on your desktop, because it is far easier than remembering how to get to the file each time.

Important Notes

- Every time you start NWN2 from your desktop, the words in the chat file will be erased! It is important to save before you restart the game if you want to keep your chat logs. I created a folder called Chat Logs in the My Documents/Neverwinter Nights 2 folder and save all my logs there.

- If the server crashes and you only exit back to the main menu, your chat logs are fine.

- Auto-downloader information - all the files that get checked when logging into the server - gets saved to chat logs. It's a big blob of text, and it will show in your chat log each and every time you have to rejoin the server.

Tips and Tricks

Since I use chat logs for many purposes, I have a naming system I use. Developing your own system helps when you want to find a certain chat log after some time has passed. My system consists of me naming the file with the date and a tidbit of information as to what the main RP it contains.

For example, the file called January9-2010-1 Gwynnithe Upset has RP that occurred on January 9th, and the main RP in which I was involved consisted of when Gwynnithe was upset. Later in the day, I had to restart NWN2 for whatever reason, and I have another file called January9-2010-2 Drinking with Dom. These files and others are saved in the appropriate January 2010 subfolder in the Chat Logs folder I mentioned earlier.

My system may work for you, or you may think I'm a too-organized nerd (it's true) with too much time on her hands. ;) But at any rate... that's how to log chat!


Copy paste from Windows clipboard to NWN 2

If you ever had to write the same thing in NWN2 over and over, then you probably have wished at some point that you could just paste from the clipboard, but NWN2 by standard does not have that feature. There is a workaround however, but you need a (free) helper program.

  • download PhraseExpress and install (free and unlimited for personal use)

  • make a new macro with the command {#insertclipboard} and assign whatever key combination you want to act as a "Paste" inside NWN2, like Windows-Key-V or something.

That's it, you can select and copy with Ctrl-V anything in Notepad or whatever now and then have your char say that ingame by pressing Enter for the text entry and then Windows-Key-V. PhraseExpress simulates keypresses, so no need for NWN2 to even know about the clipboard.

These are some optional add-ins that can make your NWN2 game more convenient and/or better looking and that work with SCoD:

Camb's COMBAT Splatter (v1.1): Adds blood splatter to the ground during combat which slowly shrinks and then disappears after time.

Reduced hit effects: "What this combined package does is also reduce the visual effect on hit caused by weapons with added elemental, holy, positive, negative and sonic damage. Most effects are body-sized now, i.e centred on the person being hit, not a massive area of effect visual. It shouldn't conflict with anything and it's a very small download. I've been using it for a while and it really adds to my enjoyment. Works for monk gloves and ranged and throwing weapons too."

Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs: "Tired of the "buff ball" graphics? They obstruct your view, and also reduce your framerate. This mod doesn't remove them entirely - it simply tones them down. You'll still see an indication that the spell is on, but you don't have to give up drive cam mode for lack of visibility. Affected spells include: - Mage Armor (and Greater) - Protection from Alignment - Protection from Arrows - Protection from Energy (and variants) - Shield - Ghostly Visage (and ethereal variants)"

Removed Effects Compilation of multiple effect removals, like the previous except even more effects are removed.

Note: apparently you need to extract each of these into their own subfolders in the override folder, otherwise it doesn't work.

Additional Information about Haks/Overrides/PWC

One of the first questions would be "Do these affect my playing in other servers or single player?", the answer is simply no. For the haks to affect your single player, they'd have to be manually added to the module/campaign to work.
  • Haks: Do not affect to other servers or single player unless those servers have the said haks or overrides already added.

    Overrides: Currently disabled from playerside.

    Generally can be bad for servers or singleplayer, but there are also good and stable overrides, the one that comes with SCoD, is stable one. There are also overrides like extra colors during character creation, extra voicesets during character creation, those are just fine also, but they are not required in SCoD to play. I'd advice against anything else than those.

    PWC/TRX files: This doesn't affect to your playing elsewhere. It is just the servers walkmesh and area information.
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