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Temporal Event Masters; What are they, how to apply?
Topic Started: Mar 24 2012, 11:29 PM (1,330 Views)
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Alright, we've acknowledged our somewhat lack of event creation power as a DM team, despite our efforts of attempting to inspire these in greater numbers. So we will be trying a new avenue, and when I say try, we have really already tried, but now we will try it in more public scales and in this following post I shall be detailing things to best of my talents (I'm sure there'll be thread asking more about things that I fail to elaborate properly)

So what are Event Masters (hereby called EM(s)), they are temporal openings of DM client to players interested in creating events in game. EMs will be given a temporal password to the DM Client, this password will only work for set time (like until reset) and then cease working so they are intended for single event purposes only.

Of course not everyone will be given such capability on a whim. And all whom wishes such will be given set of rules to follow whilst using this. (And to note, we have scripts set that keeps track of things done in DM Client) Incapability to follow these rules will result to be placed on EM black list which means future attempts will be automatic denials.

Event Master Rules

  • In the name of the avatar is required to be " EM "
  • You are not DM. (Only rules allowed to enforce are the rules of your event, greatest punishment is removal from event. Server rules are still reserved to DMs and administrator.
  • Non-Abuse. (Do not abuse the powers of DM Client to gain unfair advantage to yourself or your friends. Such as irresponsible gifting or rewarding within unfair measures.)
  • Non-player group-selective ideas only. (Idea is to provide intrigue to more than just your friends. We want these to provide possibilities for any players, not members of cliques only, not your group of closest friends, not your PC organization. It can involve those, but not only those)
  • Involving your own character is not allowed.
Event Masters Are Allowed To...

  • Shift alignment. 1-3 points at a time. Each different action may consent to new shift.
  • Use DM Reward RP Pool tool to grant reward for event or casual roleplay around even multiple times.
  • Give sensible loot table items as reward, if fitting for the challenge and level range.
  • Give jink in sensible amounts.
  • Grant some Faction Points if such is consented by actions of faction member.
Event Masters Aren't Allowed To...

  • Giving or removing pure XP or levels via DM client.
  • Giving special items that do not exist in loot lists. You may debate with DM team regarding these separately.
  • Give more than 5 thousand jink to any single PC deliberately.
  • Give more than 2 powerful for the level range items to a single PC deliberately.
  • Deliberately giving rare loot which you know you will buy off of the PCs when you log in with your own PC. Or really generally deliberately giving rare loot off... make it be sensible to the event, not beneficial to yourself or your friends.
  • Ban or boot anyone.
  • Promoting faction members without extremely good reason.
How to Apply?

  • Send the event concept/idea to any DM by explaining us what you want the event to be about. (one paragraph max about the event concept. Just testing and taking over NPCs around Bazaar is good enough concept, or "recruiting heroes to go to rescue mission -> twist that turns events to unexpected way and PCs have to make a choice of what to do next", we don't really need to know all the details, just what you're generally after.)
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