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I Have An Issue I Would Like To Report; but don't know how or to whom?
Topic Started: May 25 2013, 08:40 AM (3,019 Views)
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Length looks daunting? Don't worry, the actual report need not be.

Check List

So you've encountered an issue with another player and are considering "What now?". A good first measure is to take another look at the issue you are considering and whether it fulfills the following criteria:
  • - Is my problem with the player or with the character? Remember to discern the difference between a character and the respective player behind them. A jerk /liar/other character does not always refer to a player having ill intent; sometimes it's merely a foul-mouthed character.
    - Did you assume an intent/implication of OOC hostility, or is it explicit? Consider that words do not convey tone, expressions, non-verbal behavior and as such are limited in an ability to convey intent. Sometimes it does not hurt to simply ask the opposing side the intent, implications and source.
    - Is this matter at tops two months old? Older matters are hard to trace and have become a moot point due to so much time having passed. It's time to move on and leave the luggage of old as a matter of unfortunate events. Obviously feel free to reference into old issues with a player if it appears relevant to a more current complaint.
Whom to Contact?

So it checks out? Great! Now we get to the next portion which is to whom should one send this to? In general: Any DM or Admin. Ideally keep in touch with just one at a time, unless they become unavailable/unsuitable due to unfolding of unexpected events. Verdicts given by a DM can be reviewed by the Admin (cryptc, Ceremorph, Ariella, MimiFearthegn), but the verdicts given by the admin are generally speaking final. Underneath a contact possibility for a general arbiter:

Click here to draft a private message to: Ariella

Content Consideration

The last phase is actually writing the message. Some good things to keep in mind here are rather self-explanatory, but easily dismissed if the matter is considered "public/generally known": The staff cannot read minds nor are we a hivemind, so if possible be as detailed though concise as you can Include anything pertinent to the issue, but we don't need to know what is the color of their hair is unless it happens to be the problem. So once more a couple of points to consider when writing:
  • - If you're writing on someone else's behalf. Make it short and simply give quick details, we will contact the source and discuss the matter with them. We welcome hints and tips, but would rather discuss with just the players who were participants in the event for the sake of accuracy.
    - Remember to notify if this is or has been a recurring event with the people in question. We talk to a lot of people and as such some discussions may be easily forgotten.
    - Evidence that point at the violation or issue are very helpful for the case. Screenshots, conversation logs, witnesses and the like help the case quite a bit. Naturally, we do not always remember to grab them, especially if the situation is exceptionally frustrating.
Staff: Code of Conducts

Players who are punished, disciplined or otherwise penalized by actions will not be published. We will hear your case, and we will hear the other sides case as well. We'll also talk to as many of the potential witnesses or review any evidence that we can amass to reach a verdict. We will mention the sources to the people in question, but violators penalties will not be mentioned either to the public or to the victim. Our basic principle is to provide a continuation of playing without a negative interference, not to publicly humiliate or demean players of either side.

We generally also provide a protection to witnesses. We are aware that while many of us hide behind assumed and somewhat anonymous account names, this account is, in some sense, our internet identity at least in the server. Generally we will not quote what you say nor contact the opposing side with implications of the sources unless permission for such is given.

We cannot guarantee that the source does not come up with it themselves. If that's only issue they've had in past 3 months then it's not exactly rocket science to come up with the conclusion.

A case taken does not consent into penalty; we're adults, they're adults... if we can talk it through like adults then all the power to all participants. Ideally we seek to educate and provide broader view, not to punish or neglect out of laziness as so many games or servers have a tendency to fall into. A rare few of us actually tries to be a jerk, ideally we'd all wish to be liked and have fun with others - it is a game, after all that is said and done.
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