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The Cult Of Arva
Topic Started: Feb 4 2015, 07:21 AM (430 Views)
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The Cult of Arva

Name: Arva
Portfolio: Fertility (Monstrous Birth), Shadows, Secrets, Dreams
Home: Somewhere in the Abyss
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Laws of the Cult:
1. Cunningness is prized among all else.
2. Betrayal is not tolerated.
3. Be wise about your crimes.

The Cult is more of a Cabal, as it does allow certain others into its fold, depending on whom they serve. Publicly they only allow followers of certain demonic Lords in their group. Privately however, they accept very select followers of certain Devils as well. Namely one, Asmodeus, whom some believe Arva may be one of his, and the Pale Night's, many children.
Allied cults: Pale Night, Pazuzu, Asmodeus, Lashmatsu, Graz'zt.

Who is Arva?

Arva is what many believe to be, a Succubus. Most can trace her first influence to the Prime, as a name in a book. Her first known summoning to the plane was by a wizard who was unable to conceive a child with his wife. Arva struck a deal with the mortal, and he ended up with the child he wanted. At this time, Arva's name was spread around, and many more deals were dealt, but there was always rumor that the child they bargained for wasn't always what they expected or wanted. Some mothers found themselves giving birth to monsters, while some report beautiful nymphs. The race of the creatures didn't seem to have any pattern. Many such children were abandoned with little to guide them. Arva would visit them in their dreams, and in time, the number of her children grew, spreading rumors of her gifts. Her name was far too easily accessed, so easily as to even apprentice mages were summoning her. She never seemed to try to escape, even from terribly drawn circles.

Numbers of her followers grew, many regarding the woman highly and worshiping her for the offspring she blessed them with, or the monstrous children with no one else. Eventually, this led to Arva's divinity, a small spark at first; her only ability was akin to turning water into wine but for her it was the ability of turning an unfertile one to fertile. All one needed do now, was pray to her on her holy nights now and ask for a deal. No longer was she restricted by those with magic and among the peasants, her power grew. Today, she has the ability to grant her clerics spells and make small miracles - the most impressive of which is usually calling an avatar of Arva herself, as her divine power is capable of doing little else. Within her church and cult it is the warlocks that hold the true power - warlocks, who originally wrote her name in that book. Those she was first able to touch in their dreams and offer power through a pact. Many of her warlocks double as clerics, or favored souls when born of her blood.

Arva herself is described as a beautiful woman however her looks are only that of pure desire. One does not love when they look upon her, but feel the deepest lust. Her curves have driven mortals mad, and blind to all but the strongest willed mortals although she can choose to repress such harm. With long dark hair that falls over her perky, full bosom, wings remain partially spread on her back in a comfortable position and her tail swings side to side. Her eyes glow yellow, with her skin being as red as blood, often wet in appearance. To many she doesn't appear as the sanguine creature but as whatever the person lusts for the most.

The followers of Lashmatsu, Pazuzu, the Pale Night, or Asmodeus are encouraged to seek the cult out. While these followers are allowed, it is generally a follower of Arva that oversees the Cabal for various reasons. The followers of Pazuzu are often abandoned when they draw too much attention to themselves. Arva spends most of her time aiding Pazuzu and Asmodeus in the search of the Seed of Evil in the Abyss, as well as extending her influence with mortals.

In Sigil, the cult is small and mostly spends its time in the Under Sigil or the Hive, but the more public members are usually easily found anywhere.
Members of the cult gain many benefits: They receive help getting settled in Sigil, discounts on equipment and enchanting and much more

Current Public Members:
Mazrim (Warlock/Priest)
Bianca (Warlock/Priestess)

*Before you is a sign in the Under Sigil Village with several notes posted to it.*
The rumor has it that if you write you name on the parchment, you will be contacted by one of the members.
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Current goals of the cult: They are to be accomplished in this order. The order can change at any time.

1. Create, and establish a base of operations in Under Sigil. Funds needed.

2. Help form the mages circle, and those that work for the cult, rather than being directly in it per say. (Fighters, assassins, mercs, and the like that join up for perks, but not the religion.)

3. Collect lots of liquid pain. Human flesh. Bones of a demon.

4. Collect scrolls of Mnemur.

Needs: Demonologists are in high demand, and needed for rituals.
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(Spot reserved. Looking to revive the Cabal. A few members may be returning.)
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