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Public Em Listing
Topic Started: Jun 11 2015, 07:23 PM (2,118 Views)
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Dungeon Master
So this list here is going to be a public EM listing where current and to become EMs can update some general info for public to see, for the convenience of planning and contacting things. Not all EMs may be listed here as it is not mandatory, but we naturally encourage them to get involved. For convenience I've decided to let the EMs post separately so they can edit their own posts if situation changes, rather than contact me or DMs to make updates/changes.

This topic is purely for the EMs own persistent introductions and forms, any discussion or unrelated posts will be deleted.

The EM listing form is like so, credits go to Nimiane both for the idea and making the said form. On the bottom of the post is the easy to copy-paste form.

EM Name

Status: Active/Inactive.
Player Requests: Open/Closed.
Availability: Playtimes, etc.
Specialises in: If there's certain lore you're knowledgeable about?
A few lines about play style here, perhaps something along the lines of either leaning toward intrigue or focusing on the Hive Ward, or nothing at all. Are you light-hearted, or lean toward darker topics? IDK.
Of special note: This EM may shift alignment. (Or any other rules/warnings)
Contact: In-Game/Player Account/EM account. Whatever suits you best.

Copy template:
[SIZE=5][b][color=blue]<fill your EM Name here>[/SIZE][/b][/color]

[b]Status:[/b] <Active/Inactive>
[b]Player Requests:[/b] <Open/Closed, as in do you take player requests or not>
[b]Availability:[/b] <Average playtimes, for those wanting to plan things etc.>
[b]Specialises in:[/b] <If there's certain lore you're knowledgeable about?
A few lines about play style here, perhaps something along the lines of either leaning toward intrigue or focusing on the Hive Ward, or nothing at all. Are you light-hearted, or lean toward darker topics? IDK.>
[b]Of special note:[/b] <This EM may shift alignment. (Or any other rules/warnings)>
[b]Contact:[/b] <In-Game/Player Account/EM account. Whatever suits you best. May also leave link to your PM inbox if you want.>
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Event Master

Status: Active
Player Requests: I'm open to character based requests.
Availability: Europe GMT+1, I'm available during the weekends European evenings. One day per week I may be available later
Specializes in:
- Surprises and long-term consequences.
- I'm not a fan of the forgotten realms and I'll avoid doing anything related to them or personal stories of characters coming from there, but you can expect different settings involved and I'm open to homebrews.
- I like to try new things and improvise.
- I'm usually fond of some gritty stuff, horror and absurd, but also epic heroism.

Of special note:
- Combat is a consequence rather than a mandatory element of my events and when it happens I try to make it meaningful.
- I prefer smaller groups for events (maximum 8) and that everyone involved actually gets a chance to do something, not people tagging along only to get some items and XP.
- Forums are only there for OCC/IC communication and preparation between events, the rest will always happen in-game, I will not engage in any kind of forum RP beyond that.
- Preparation and information gathering between events is strongly encouraged, I expect people to come with at least a few ideas of what they want to do, the more you know, the smoother things can go.

Contact : Ingame or on the forums.
I'm taking request for events via PM and I'm also available on the discord.
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Event Master

Status: Active
Player Requests: Open
Availability: Evenings GMT+1, possibly longer during weekends or when spare time is available.
Specialises in:
- Roleplay focused.
- Some strong familiarity with both Sigil and Faerūn. Passing familiarity with other settings like Ysgard.
- I am open to player requests. Events, character development or just sprinkling some immersion on top of ordinary RP.

Of special note:
- Even if I am running an event for you, do not expect me to ignore your guests. I try to give everyone an chance to shine even if you are the "Protagonist".
- For this reason I prefer a size of 8 players as a max, but will be flexible if extra people have strong a reason to be there. Too many and I have to fetch another EM to help me keep track of you all.
- I've a particular fascination with the dichotomy between opposing outsiders, like Celestials and Fiends and how Sigil is a place where even these feuds have to be suspended. So events around this be mah jam.
- I'm not very good at checking the forum, I'm afraid. I am on the Official Unofficial Discord every day though. Or poke me if you see me in game, I don't mind, even if I'm playerside.

Contact: Albacksen on the forum and ingame, EM_Albacksen if I'm EMside.
Or find me hanging about on the Discord.
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Event Master
EM Silinrul

Status: Active (ish?)
Player Requests: Closed (but I make exceptions to this if I feel particularly inspired by a story; this isn't very common though, so don't be offended please if I politely turn you down, because a lot of it has to do with me simply being overwhelmed by RL and just having too little focus on this game).
Availability: No such thing as regularity for me right now.
Specialises in:

  • I've actually got quite a specialty for dragons, particularly traditional DnD ones, but I know a little about a lot of others as well.
  • Heavily focused on Roleplay-based events. I'll do a good ol' smash-n-bash every once in awhile, but my preference is based on creativity and roleplay.
  • Sporadic events are my thing. They're not in-depth usually, nor are they meant to be. They're meant for fun!

Of special note:

  • If I particularly think it is deserved I will shift an alignment.
  • I do ask that players play their stats in my events. This means that someone with an INT of 8 shouldn't be acting like a genius. It -also- means though that someone with an INT of 18 can roll checks to figure out a puzzle and get hints from me.
  • Because of the sporadic nature of my events, I fully understand if people wish to opt out of them, and please be assured that if asked politely to be left out, I will fully accept it and even be good-natured about it. I do ask though that if you were with someone who does wish to participate, even if you do not, that you respect their wishes.
  • I like to award with the RP XP wand, and the occasional loot box if the event calls for it.
  • Creative and roleplayed solutions are my favorite things. If you can come up with one that is fair (and yes, I let PnP mechanics fall into this umbrella), feel free to give them a try. I do warn that you use common sense; trying to walk through a lake of lava without fire immunity is a fast way to go to the dead book.

Contact: Find me on Discord chat, I'm the only Silinrul there. Alternatively, PM me on the fourms. Either one will work just about as well.
Edited by silinrul357, Feb 18 2018, 02:27 PM.
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