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A Game Of Bones; Lets Play A Game (EM Magic Man)
Topic Started: Jan 18 2016, 04:58 AM (623 Views)
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Coming soon when im not typing on a tablet

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Miranda Ildesserin-"You have no idea what fear is, the greatest fear a mother can have is that of her child growing up...alone"
Eisinar Mindblade: Illithid Soul Knife: "As long as I have my mind, i am never with out a weapon".
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/// A collection of [confidential] notes offered by a number of contributors, compiled by Odette & Tahir-Suli. Only characters who have access to these can read them (currently obtainable only by speaking with Odette or Tahir themselves). These notes may be passed around IC by those who have them. Metagaming will not be tolerated. ///
These notes have been shared with: Tahir-Suli, Sharon Raynsford.

A series of attacks throughout the City of Doors, each one a violent, deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer. Victims find themselves separated from aid, instructed by a set of rules relayed by Mimir, and forced to perform heinous acts in a limited amount of time under threat of death. Parchment after parchment of scrawled notes hold all manner of investigation into ordeal lasting over several months, scribed by Odette's own hand. The file is rather large, and contains various sources in it's compile.

"Odette's Notebook"

[align=center]The Mimir Killer[/align]

[Principle Figures]

Doctor Harris Mahogany
Species: Human
Appearance: Handsome, Abnormally tall (7ft+), Blonde hair, Brown eyes.
Walks with a Stick/Cane due to leg injuries caused by horse drawn wagon.
Abilities: Unknown; crafter of the Mimir trap device?
Role: Ringleader
Threat Level: High
Last known home/occupation: Chirugeons Hospital, Celestial City, Union - Astal plane.
Burnt down approx 18 - 24 months ago.

[Recovered Items]

- A Mimir recovered from House Six Fingers, Incident #2 (Odette).
- The walking cane of Doctor Harris, bloodied (Tahir).
- Artificer's Goggles (Tahir).
- A Mimir recovered from Clerk'sWard, Incident #3 (Kelti).
- Logbook listing brother's victims, Incident #3 (Annabelle).
- A Mimir recovered from burning building, Incident #4 (Lilth).

[Other Notable Personalities]

Investigator "Jack Hanskom".
Species: Human.
Faction: The Fated, Insurance(?).
Role: A man investigating the murder in the Clerk's Ward, Incident #3.

[Timeline of Incidents]

Circumstances that are believed to be be linked to the current threat. All of the following incidents appear to involve the relay of a Mimir device and a general theme of "justice" unless otherwise noted.

Incident One: Trissa, Aleis, Altair.
Location: Unknown.
Time limit: Unknown.
Target: Unclear, possibly Trissa.
- Altair confined to a cage over flame, magical.
- Trissa restrained against chair, golems pulling upon her limbs akin to a rack.
- Aleis placed within a small, shrinking space.
Details: Each 'trap' was circumvented only through effective team work of the three; a lever in Altair's cage ceasing the golems, Trissa occluding the flame with a crystal. A key to Aleis' cage had found it's way into Trissa's stomach which was cut open for retrieval.
Survived: Yes.
Injuries sustained: Trissa lost an arm and suffered incision, Altair was heavily burnt.
Message: Potentially forcing Trissa and Altair to work together, previous enemies.

Incident Two: Odette, Vyse, Quinn.
Location: The House of Six Fingers, Hive.
Time limit: Half a bell.
Target: Odette Vieuxpont.
- Flammable gas filled the room.
- Door handles trapped with savage electricity.
- Mimir's Maw a death trap.
Details: Windows and doors were bolted shut, during which time a mimir appeared with a message for Odette specifying that they must find a way out before the building exploded. This was achieved only through the insertion of fingers into the bladed maw of the device to fill the empty vials with blood.
Survived: Yes.
Injuries sustained: Odette lost all fingers on her left hand.
Message: A burning reminder of past experiences, reference to the destruction of Illia.

Incident Three: Scientist Brothers.
Location: A house in the Clerk's Ward.
Time limit: Unknown.
Target: Two Brothers.
- Razorvine covering the floor.
Details: Two brothers were performing experiments on those they kidnapped, testing the limits of their bodies. Crawled with broken legs through large amount of razorvine which had been brought inside the property.
Survived: No.
Injuries sustained: Both brothers died in the trial inside the property due to blood loss.
Message: To survive the test they have put on others, testing the limits of their physiology or die as others had.
Witnesses: None.
Scene evidence:
- Circular blood stains were present moving away from the property. approximately 1 inch diameter - this is fitting of a cane or walking stick.
- Cane with blood at the base was found at the site of the crime - inside the property, matches external blood stains.
- Cane then must have been used to walk the blood out of the property intentionally, then returned inside the property afterwards.
- Gait of walk - above 6 foot. 7+ expected.

Incident Four: Slave Warehouse.
Location: The Grand Bazaar.
Time limit: Unknown.
Target: Slavers and Slaves, approx 24.
- Poison Gas.
- Spreading fire.
Details: Slaves and Slavers had to work together in order to escape the building filled with poison gas. A fire broke out, drawing the attention of planeswalkers. Whether or not the fire was deliberate or accidental remains unknown.
Survived: No.
Injuries sustained: Death.
Message: A message to the slavers and slaves, that they were chosen because their value of life was not high enough. They had to work together in order to escape.
Witnesses: Multiple. Lilth D'Eath.

Incident Five: Lilth D'Eath.
Location: Unknown crypt.
Time limit: Unknown.
Target: Lilth D'Eath.
- Solanian Truesteel needles.
- Holy water
- Needles submerged in holy water.
- Sunlight.
Details: Approached by unknown individual in the Bazaar, Lilth was advised she had an appointment with the Doctor. Drugged/Poisoned and kidnapped, she woke inside a heavy metal Coffin. It was unlocked. Miss D'Eath is a vampire, she was made to enter eight coffins to reveal hidden message. Each coffin held a different trap.
Survived: Yes.
Injuries sustained: Various incisions, burns etc.
Message: "Never forget the lessons life has taught you". Possibly targeted for possession/theft of mimir from the crime scene.

Incident Six: Efreeti Relation.
Location: The Para-Elemental Plane of Ice.
Time limit: Unknown.
Target: Distant relation to the Grand Sultan of the City of Brass.
Traps: Unknown.
Details: Found by a special interest group working for the Sultan, apparently sent to locate the missing relative. The victim is said to be heavy into the slave trade. Found the the female efreeti smashed between two giant statues.
Survived: No.
Injuries sustained: Death.
Message: Possibly connected to the slave trade.

Tucked away between the pages of the woman's notes is a slightly discolored article clipped from an original edition of the S.I.G.I.S newspaper. Judging by where it rests in relation to the notes taken, it appears that the information it contains was already known, yet kept as evidence all the same.

No Apostrophes,Jun 7 2016
10:11 PM
This volunteered S.I.G.I.S. article is penned by an immaculately elaborate hand, the cursive lettering that defines it twirling with flourishes bordering on the gaudy. This effort put into the first copy would prove comically fruitless, the newspaper's copying method favoring more immediately legible text. The statement penned is short.

The Mimir Killer, or the individual with the greatest connection to the murders and maimings attributed to this moniker, goes by or once went by the name of "Doc Harris". He, or traces of him, can be located in the celestial city of Union in the Astral Plane where he was most recently working in the Chirugeons Hopsital.

The name this article is attributed to is a signature of comparable gaudiness to the rest of the writing. Written more legibly second hand, the tag seems plain when stripped of unnecessary flourishes of ink.


The final pages are hastily written and appear to be a later addition, scratched with a stick of charcoal as though etched with a jittery hand. The last of the words upon the page are smudged and trail off the page in an ominous manner. These notes are currently separated from the others and yet to be collected from [redacted].

Barrier, Khazeet's Bar. 30 minutes, no air.
Kill to unlock. Me? Again?
Khaz is middle man. Approached by Harris for help with experiment.
Offered money. Greed. Uncles are in slave trade.
Victim #6 was Khazeet's niece, killed as warning.
Passing along messages from Harris. Helped select victims.
Knew what was happening.
In too deep.

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Despite his best attempts at remaining out of trouble, Altair felt like he had a personal stake in this one. He'd spent the last few hours canvassing the Lady's Ward and asking questions. Who is Doc Harris? Had anyone seen him in the last few weeks. Though Ashcroft had suggested the Hive as the first place to hide, he felt like that was too obvious. Unexperienced berks went to the Hive. It was dangerous, sure, but it was the first place the Lobsters would look. They never messed with the posh types in the Lady's Ward unless they had a ful good reason, because they knew they'd whinge for cycles if they did.

Besides, he still owed someone for ruining his fur. Chari had come to ask him about going to some place called Union, but she never mentioned it again. He was upset about that, especially in light of recent events. If they'd gone off without him, after he'd told them what he knew... Hmph. It wouldn't be pretty. At some point he'd have to catch up with Tahir too, to see if he could find out what his fellow Cipher knew. A long time ago he'd come asking around about Doc Harris, but at the time Altair hadn't had anything to give him.

He frowned and set about knocking on more doors. Odette wasn't going to save herself while he stood around thinking.
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In local Sigil news, Khazeet was the latest victem of the mimir killer who ensorceled the efreets bar in an elaborate magical trap with the mercenary Odette. The mimir that was delivered to khazeet is rumored to actually have been for Odette in all actuality, and its said that the Mimir revealed a dark secret about the efreets involvment in the aquiring of the victems that have been found so far.

It turns out that while the efreet had no direct involvment with the sadistic trap maker, he has been aware for sometime that that the messages he had been passing around between his uncles in the slave trade, and doc mahogany were linked to the disappearances of people from around sigil, people who later turned up dead in the Mimir Killers traps.

The efreet knew, he figured it out but the large sums of gold that somehow appeared in his coffers each week proved to be more then enough incentive to keep his mouth shut, appealing to the innate greed present inside every soul.

The trap that surrounded the bar was magical and yet very simple. When the efreets part in the mimir killers schemes was revealed, both efreet and mercenary were told that the only way out of the bar trap was for one of them to die. If odette (a previous survivor) was killed by the efreet or vica versa, the mimir stated that both would be an acceptable outcome, but a decision needed to be made soonn as the magical cage was quickly running out of air, at which point they would both die.

As Khazeet confessed his actions related to passing messages back and forth, and being bribed heavily into silence, the efreet casually poured himself and the mercenary odette a final drink, as one of them clearly would not be leaving the trap alive. The confession continued until the efreet suddenly frowned and began to appologise to the mercenary as he stated "I had no choice, it was you or me". The mercenary women frowned and looked down at her glass he had poured her, probably regretting the careless swig she had taken from it.

A few moments later, the mercenary woman collapsed into death as a foul smoke poured from her mouth and nose and a lava like caustic substance began to ooze from the dead womans mouth.


Those stuck outside the magic barrier looked on in shock, unable to believe their favorite bar tender had just done it...had just murdered someone!.

The barrier gone, the mimir issued a few final words.

It stated that the last game was about to begin and that the fifteen players had been selected.

After the chaos, with the crowed dispersed, the harmonim led khazeet away in irons as the guilt ridden khazeet confessed to everything that he had done. He may have been a willing well bribed pawn but the guilt of his actions was plain on his face as was the deep regret he apparently felt.

The bar tender returned to his post at the bar a few hours later under harmonium watch and now refused to talk about the matter, simply stating.

"Its bussiness as normal for now, the gears of the triad will determine what happens next".

Meanwhile, in a secret hidden location somewhere in the multiverse, a man hobbles through a dark laboratory with several masked servants in his wake, each of them carrying backpacks and travel cases. The limping man turns back to the laboratory as he slides his own mask down over his face and draws a single vial of liquid from the belt around his waist. He examines the liquid, which even from inside the vial it can be heard hissing with caustic potency even as the man tosses it into the back of the room before exiting.

A moment later, the ground shakes and shudders as dozens of powerful explosions tear the building that housed the secret lab to peices.

I play:
Miranda Ildesserin-"You have no idea what fear is, the greatest fear a mother can have is that of her child growing up...alone"
Eisinar Mindblade: Illithid Soul Knife: "As long as I have my mind, i am never with out a weapon".
Xil'ar'ran'oss-Beholder Psion:What do you mean "IF" looks could kill?
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At first, the number of murders and incidents had held little more then passing curiosity for the elf and disappointed the monster had not be caught. He had his hands full in number of projects and investment in his own survival.

What he did not imagine was one the worst things to happen in particular to a friend that he felt been on better terms with for last few weeks then he had in almost a year.

Now he had cause to look around, having caught the tail end of the horrid scene at Khazeets. He been doing poorly in shoving his emotions back into a box over the fallen companion, causing him trouble in rest. It was even more to his dismay great deal of things been happening without his knowledge. How dare the Multiverse move without him knowing ..alas though ..

Given a chance to review some particular information, he was going do something rather absurd.

He goes to the Barracks asking to speak to the one in charge for the Case of the Mimir Killer and in particular the evidence tied to any of the crimes that been confiscated.

He introduces himself as archmage and a Factotum for the Sign of One, believing he can assist in catching the killer before it enacted a threat to further harm more innocents. He puts out that many of the victims have been rather high profile targets, active in particular factions.

He continues to explain if hes allowed to look at the things, he can attempt to find an arcane signature or ..phychic imprint. A fragment, memory, perhaps snip of location or even a vision. He continued on about the various methods, several spells of divination and the rather finniky nature of trying look into the future or past for information until they offered to let him assist or send him away. Course he believed he had his heart into this and will it to go his way.
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Unfortunatly the harmoniu officer in charge of this investigation simply states that with the inclusion of a local bar tender and his apparent direct association with the mimir killer, the files have been sealed from public record and that, especially due to a pending trail, only the triad of which the signers are definatly not, are going to be given access to what little information is had about the mimir killer.

Plus, and the soldier actually and planely states.

"With all the chaos and violence that you yourself have been in the middle of, and all the people who end up dieing around you, i would be surprised if the triad even lets you near this case with a ten foot pole".

As if to add emphasis to the soldiers spiteful statement, he reach's down to make sure a certain drawer is locked.


a few hours after he is turned away from the barrackes the "archmage" finds a note literally nailed to the side of his ship.

"If you want to talk game, my home is in the clerks ward, (suitable street names and house numbers are given).


I play:
Miranda Ildesserin-"You have no idea what fear is, the greatest fear a mother can have is that of her child growing up...alone"
Eisinar Mindblade: Illithid Soul Knife: "As long as I have my mind, i am never with out a weapon".
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The word has gotten out that the game is still afoot!.

Sigil chant buzzes with word that fifteen people, apparently one among each faction have been abducted by the mimir killer. The only evidence to this nature is the black mimir left at each scene, each kip of the missing person.

The Mimirs, no matter the prodding or experimentation, remain silent, grinning at who ever sees them with a malicious maw.

I play:
Miranda Ildesserin-"You have no idea what fear is, the greatest fear a mother can have is that of her child growing up...alone"
Eisinar Mindblade: Illithid Soul Knife: "As long as I have my mind, i am never with out a weapon".
Xil'ar'ran'oss-Beholder Psion:What do you mean "IF" looks could kill?
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