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Cult Of Orcus: Sigilian Sect
Topic Started: Feb 10 2016, 02:18 AM (186 Views)
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Alignments: CE, NE, CN

Who is Orcus?

Alignment: CE

Orcus is a Demon Lord, otherwise known as Lord of the Undead, the majority of his servants are undead, Tanar'i, or a mix thereof, and he has many followers on both the Prime and across the planes. He is often a rather contradictory Demon Lord, he despises undead despite his title and frequent use of them, and tosses them aside on a whim.

What are Orcus', and therefore the Cult's goals?

Orcus' first and foremost desire is to spread strife, misery, and pain throughout the multiverse, and his servants are merely tools to achieve this. He covets Demogorgons title of "Prince of Demons" along with Graz'zt, forcing him into frequent conflict with both. His armies of undead and demons frequently clash with the monstrous armies of Graz'zt in all out warfare. His fight against Demogorgon is much more subtle, often in the form of assassination or sabotage. This is mostly due to both of the Demon Lords' armies being in constant conflict with Graz'zt, but when they meet on the fields of battle they fight each other just as fervently.

The Cult

Orcus' cult is rather widespread, with many more followers among humanoids than most Demon Lords. Orcs, half orcs, ogres and half ogres are very common, as well as many corrupt and evil humans. His Temples are hidden, more often than not, and his worshipers form secret societies in otherwise normal communities. Others are located in strongholds of undead, where worshipers commit atrocities to the surrounding countryside laying waste and havoc to everything they can.

Living sacrifice is important to Orcus, and a good way to gain whatever small amount of favor with the Demon Lord. Intelligent undead rarely, if ever choose to serve Orcus, more often than not being forced into servitude through dark magic or pacts.

Priests of Orcus are known as "Skulls", High Priests "Skull Lords." Occasionally a Skull Lord achieves immense reputation and power among the clergy of Orcus, taking the mantle of "Skull King" or "Skull Queen." Followers commonly carry about black skull topped scepters, in order to remind people of the power of Orcus, spreading the fear of him far and wide. They also often wear skull masks and black robes and hoods, or goat horned headdresses and silver robes.

Clerics of Orcus often have acces to Death, Chaos, and Evil domains.

Servants of Orcus

The majority of Orcus' servants are undead, most are used as fodder, and rarely have the chance to acquire a position of power. An example is Kauvra, a vampire who serves as an enforcer on Thanatos, infamous for her rages and the long list of creatures she has killed single-handedly. Harthoon, a Lich, serves as Orcus' right hand due to his skills.

Credit goes to page 136 of the Book of Vile Darkness, and WotC.

The Sigilian Sect

Sent from Thanatos to Sigil, Sevalthen, a Blackguard and pacted Death Knight of Orcus, plans to use Sigil as a staging ground to combat Demogorgon and Graz'zt. He has no interest in Sigil itself, not foolish enough to attempt a planar war inside Sigil, simply using Sigil's easy access and strategic position in the Great Wheel Cosmology.

If you're interested, find me IG and we can talk! Also looking for EM's/DM's to run events for us!
|Alan Erian|
|Klatharaxl'tun the Devourer|
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