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A Detailed Guide To Sigils Legal System
Topic Started: Feb 6 2017, 05:37 PM (170 Views)
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This is a more up to date version of Sigil's Legal system, It incorporates the guide by MimiFearthegn and Snorri the Brave. It is subject to change by DM discretion, If you have any questions feel free to PM me or one of the other staff members


First point of Contact - In most cases Sigil's legal system starts with the Harmonium, Their job is that of city guards. They are the only ones who can arrest a person and can do so for any reason for up to 48 hours. Typically this window is used for small crimes, Investigations or Just because you pissed them off. During this window the guilty are kept at the Mercykillers prison in the lady's ward, Where they will enjoy the sounds and sights of what awaits them if they follow the legal system further.

Summary Offenses or more - By the end of the 48 hour window, depending on the charges the person might be let go, fined or continue further down the legal path. If they have committed an Indictable offence or greater and Harmonium member of at least measure rank has signed off, The individual becomes a permanent resident of the jail until such a time as trial is concluded or bail is paid.

Paperwork - The last step for the Harmonium is filing a request for trial with the Fraternity of Order, This effectively comes down to a post of their forum. With a full copy of the arrest report including witness, charges laid, name, faction and events recount in the perspective of the officer.

Fraternity of Order

Bail & Preparation - Once the paperwork has been filed the Fraternity of Order take over, The first step is to appoint a judge and Prosecutor. The judge must be of at least Bureau Chief rank or higher and his first step is to decide conditions of bail if it is to be offered. If bail is paid the defendant is released until his court date, However its important to note that Sigils court does not require a defendant to be present to pass judgement. Failure to turn up may lead you into a far worse position. During this time the Prosecutor builds their case and a court date is set. The defendant is required to find their own legal representation but more often then not the Fraternity of Order will represent both sides.

Trial - Finally the day comes and trial is run, The city court proceedings can be found here and are followed step by step. If the defendant is not in attendance it is often taken as a sign of guilt and either a death warrant or exception warrant are typically issued. The trial will decide guilt but the punishment the defendant will receive is up to the Mercykillers. It is important to note that the DM team does not force trial RP on players, If you dislike this RP the Dm team will judge based on prosecution's argument, The defense and judges opinion without the IC trial.

Conclusion - Once a decision has been made its time for the Red Death to take over, The Fraternity of Order finish by forwarding a copy of the judges ruling. This is a post in the Mercykiller forum including name, faction and guilt. Or in the case of some who failed to attend, a death warrant or Exception warrant.


First steps - Once paper work has been received the Mercykillers deliver sentence, If the prisoner is not guilty they are released. If they are guilty however its the job of the Mercykillers to decide upon and carry out their punishment, From fines to death and everything in-between. A great many Mercykillers take great pleasure in coming up with new and interesting ways to deliver the sentence, One of the preferred methods of execution is actually feeding the guilty party to the Wyrm that dons the Mercykiller crest.

Exception Warrant - An exception warrant is a bit of paper issued by the Fraternity of Order for someone who does not attend their court date and is found guilty of a minor crime. This warrant gives the red death the right to hunt down the stated individual and use any force necessary to bring them in, To immediately receive their sentence. While carrying out this warrant the red death are able to wield their weapon and enter any none faction premise that is believed to house the individual.

Death Warrant - This warrant is issues when someone fails to attendant their court date and is found guilty of committing a Indictable offence or greater. This warrant gives the red death the right and obligation to hunt down the individual and kill them. As with the exception warrant this allows them to carry weapons and enter none faction premises. Further the red death is allowed to bring in anyone assisting someone marked for death, At which time the Harmonium are notified and the cycle starts anew with an investigation.

Other Notes:

Faction areas - The Harmonium are not allowed to enter a factions grounds on official faction business without first receiving permission from that factions Factol or chosen representative. However it should be noted most factions will grant this permission to avoid the political issues that would be tied to defending a guilty party. Should a faction fail to grant permission the Harmonium can petition a Fraternity judge (Bureau Chief or higher) or hall of speakers for permission.

Fines - The Harmonium can only offer a minor fine of not greater then 100 gold pieces. Without the signature of a Mercykiller of at least the rank of justice.

Undersigil & Hive - These areas are not actively patrolled, They are still however within Sigils jurisdiction and subject to its laws. While hiding in these places may allow you to avoid punishment for minor crimes. Greater crimes however may still be subject to Harmonium Raiding party's and Mercykillers Exception and Death Warrants.

Bazaar - This area has recently received a withdraw of Harmonium forces. However it is still subject to the city's laws. Currently its peace is enforced by mercenary's from the Fated and Indeps. That said these mercenary's play no part in the city's legal system. The Harmonium requires permission to enter on duty for Summary Offenses by an Indep member. However Indictable Offenses or higher may still receive full Harmonium involvement, This is up the discretion of the Factol. Much like the limiting of Faction areas, permission is rare to be not granted as letting the wrong criminal go free could result in the hall of speakers reverting the ruling.

Laws - You can find a rough copy of Sigils law's here. This is subject to change by the DMs and player initiative.

Taxes - The Fated are authorized to collect any number of taxes and fines, not exceeding 50 gold pieces all together, from any one resident of Sigil, per day. Taxes exceeding 50 gold pieces are considered fines, which require the standard legal proceedings.
For more information, please refer to the Fated's Handbook of Taxation.


Permits are required for many public activities in Sigil. Not having the correct and timely permit is a fineable offense, usually collected by the Fated during their twice-monthly tax collection rounds. Any resident of Sigil may apply for any permit at the Hall of Records. The duration of a given permit may vary depending on the class and type of permit issued.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities requiring a permit:

• Owning slaves
• Selling slaves
• Risqué garb
• Parking a vehicle
• Opening and/or running a merchant’s stall
• Public performance (in certain areas of the city)
• House ownership
• Public speaking (in certain areas of the city)
• Offering the services of a private investigator
• Owning or operating a business

Interested readers may also find the Harmoniums Quick Excerpt Interpretation of Sigils of use on this topic.

Note: The number and types of permits is always increasing in the Cage. So, when considering what sort of permit(s) you may need, I always tell my law-conscious clients to make a list of all their property and public daily activities, and then enquire as to the possibility of getting a permit for everything on their list. If there is something on the list which does not yet require a permit, I advise checking back at the Hall of Records at least monthly. Most people don’t have time for such an intensive regimen, however, and it has been pointed out to me that it’s cheaper to simply hope your local tax collector won’t notice your lack of a permit. Enforcement is very irregular, after all.
Do not hesitate to send me a PM if you:
- Require assistance with a staff or player conflict
- Would like to join the testing team
- Waiting on a staff ruling for longer then a week
- Want to join or start an event for the Harmonium, Transcendent Order, or Free League

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