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New New Quest Guide V3.728c; Quests, How Do They Work?
Topic Started: Mar 30 2017, 09:57 AM (1,596 Views)
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Appropriated all the other quest details from others to put this all in one post for people to use. Where possible I've tried to format each quest with a star rating for difficulty of completion so that people can at-a-glance see the order in what they can do things, as well as a rough level range for some more specific quests.

These two threads contain other vital information for levelling a new character, or that were invaluable to me starting out and hence I've shamelessly rewritten what's in them.

Mr Otyugh's Beginner's Guide

Mr Otyugh's Quest Guide

Quest Format:

General Region/Specific Zone

Quest-giving NPC, Quest-Name(If Given)

Difficulty Rating - 1-5 stars, 1 star being very easy/non-combative, 5 stars being difficult/hard or for higher levels. Certain quests can become very easy with Invisibility or similar means however, which are noted.

Colour Coding - Purple names are quest-givers, key quest NPCs/killing targets and interactive objects/pickups, blue names are important locations.

Sigil - Bazaar/Market Sewers

Marrowtaker - Runestones

* - Non-combative quest.

The Ogre Magi Marrowtaker offers a gold bounty for any Rune Stones brought to him for 100 gp a rune.

Esmarelda the Gray - Gray Guide

* - Non-combative quest.

Located on the eastern side of the Grand Bazaar, Esmarelda the Gray asks for you to find out the portal key to her home in the Gray Wastes; the Hall of Information provides this via the Portal Registrar; though the quest can be completed from the start by having a chunk of Obsidian in your inventory, purchasable from Zharak, to complete the quest for 100 gp and some xp.

Fat Candle/Chirper's - Drink Robbing

* - Trivial combat.

Start at the Fat Candle by talking to Lisbeth the Cook; she'll offer you 30 gp and a little bit of XP for stealing some bottles of wine from the cellar of Chirper's, accessible through the Market Ward Tunnels behind several bricked-off archways. After handing them back to her, return to Chirper's and talk with Sunny the Bartender and inform him of Lisbeth the Cook's designs; he'll reveal that she's violated some sort of promise; redeem yourself in Sunny the Bartender's eyes by returning to the Fat Candle and steal some of their wine, located nearby Lisbeth the Cook; this requires a Sleight of Hand or a Move Silently check to succeed. Failure means the rest of the quest is unable to be completed until next reset; assuming a success, return to Sunny the Bartender with your spoils to be rewarded.

Chirper's - Skull Thief

* - Non-combative quest.

Within Chirper's one can find a Wererat Patron in the Skull Museum; upon approaching and succeeding on a DC 15 spot check you notice him stealing one of the exhibits; you can either rat him out literally to the nearby guards or extort him for XP and gold.

The Flame Pits - Animated Objects

* - Trivial combat.

In the Flame Pits, Larill Zasskos complains of animated objects harassing her employees whenever they go into the cellar. Below the streets of the Bazaar, a Quasit has taken to animating objects for idle mischief; hunt it down within the Market Ward Tunnels, and kill it to complete her quest for 200 jink and some XP. It is usually located in the bottom-right corner of the map, across a series of bridges.

Office of Vermin Control - Cranium Rats

* - Trivial combat.

Located just outside Chirper's main entrance, the unhappy Kaiyetan the Rat Catcher offers a bounty to kill a Big Cranium Rat, assumed to be hiding and planning in the sewers just below. Accessible by a cellar doorway in the Office and through a bricked archway, the Big Cranium Rat in question is found anywhere within the Market Ward Tunnels roaming about with other Cranium Rats in tow; once killed you can bring it's carcass back to Kaiyetan the Rat Catcher for 150 jink and some XP.

Mhasha Zakk - Zakk's Corpse Curing

* - Trivial combat/Non-combative.

Within this shop the elderly Dusty offers to pay you 100 gp per corpse brought to her; up to three can be found beneath the Bazaar in the Market Ward Tunnels, though only two can be turned in per reset for a total of 200 gp and a little XP to go with it.


Layla the Herbalist - Layla's Herb Box

*** - Moderately challenging combat, Invisibility makes this quest trivial.

Layla the Herbalist, located in the Great Bazaar, offers a quest to visit Mniitvak in Undersigil's halls and retrieve a box of exotic herbs for her; bring 100 gp along to pay for the box and on return she will offer options of weaponry or jink; both come with a nice gift of XP, also. Be sure to grab Thought Taker's quest just below as well when delving into Undersigil. Be forewarned; Undersigil isn't very kind. Travel with care or a thug henchman.

Chirper's, Thought Taker - Foul Olde Spirit Inn: Relics of the past

*** - Moderately challenging combat, Invisibility makes this quest trivial.

Located in Chirper's beside a Kobold named Lunch, Thought Taker asks the player to travel into Undersigil and talk to Mniitvak, the quest erroneously refers to the Foul Olde Spirit Inn, though otherwise identical. Travel to Undersigil's halls and locate Mniitvak, offer him 20 gp for the relic and return it to Thought Taker for 200 gp and some XP. Complete this alongside Layla's Herb Box.

Whistling Stonehead - Undersigil

** - Somewhat challenging combat.

As you fight your way through Undersigil you'll come across a wooden bridge early on; nearby an interactive piece of architecture will accuse you of stealing it's eyes; assure it otherwise and you'll be sent on a quest to retrieve them. Further down you can find a Tiefling Necromancer accompanied by a cadre of lackies and sometimes a large Ogre; kill them all and the Tiefling will drop the needed eyes. Return them to the Whistling Stonehead for your reward.

Clerk's Ward

Toby the Mad - The Puzzling Gnoll

* - Non-combative quest.

Located just outside the Hall of Speakers in the north-eastern most corner of the Clerk's Ward stands both Sarah and Toby the Mad. Sarah will reveal that poor Toby has been cursed by a wizard for fouling up as his apprentice; chat with Toby and navigate through his dialogue to complete the quest for a little bit of XP.

(Quick dialogue route by numbered responses: 3 4 3 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 2.)

Ulbart the Unlucky - Wildlife Intruder

* - Trivial combat.

Found outside both his house, smack dab in the middle of the Clerk's Ward, Ulbart the Unlucky offers a quest to kill a creature within his bedroom which has invaded through the portal to Brux just outside his front door; the reward offered is your choice between 300 gp by demanding he hurry up and pay you, or a DR 10/Cold ring that must be identified. Take the ring the first time, as it's useful later on for other quests and several zones.

Graydon Riddlemaker - Riddles

* - Non-combative quest.

Located near the Hall of Records in the southern area of the Clerk's Ward, this fellow offers a quest for a small bit of XP to answer his riddle. Feel free to google the answer for this one.

(Bonus; Shadowdancers get a unique answer to this one that is also correct.)

Lobby Attendant - Books

* - Non-combative quest.

The Lobby Attendant found within the Hall of Records offers 50 XP and a small amount of gp per readable book brought to her; this XP amount never scales down with level, hence hoarding them until high levels can be a significant boon, or selling them to higher level characters starving for XP can net some decent money.

Clerk's Ward/Mercuria

Eloise - Golden Berries In Mercuria

* - Non-combative quest.

Located just beside a portal to Mercuria along the eastern edge of the Clerk's Ward, Eloise offers a quest to retrieve a handful of curative berries; said berries are beyond the portal which is opened by a Gold Ring sold by Zharak, up the very steep hill immediately behind the portal towards the west by the map's directions. The Goldberry Bush is located at the top nearby a pair of glowing trees; use the inspection mode to find it if you have any difficulty.

Xret'cal'viek Maral'chanarek - Desecrating A Holy Altar

**** - High Difficulty, Invisibility on low difficulty makes this quest trivial.

A green Abishai with a truly break-teeth tag can be seen standing outside the Civic Festhall along the eastern edge of the Clerk's Ward; he offers a quest to desecrate a holy altar within Mercuria. Taking the cursed instruments from him, the altar can be located within Mercuria's Temple, within the Living Quarters. This is far from an easy quest; best left for near or post epic levels.

Clerk's Ward/Mercuria/Baha

Lahar - The Lost Hairpin

* - Non-combative quest.

This one's a little bit twisty. First, visit Zharak and purchase a Sapphire Amulet, then travel to Mercuria by way of Portal as mentioned in the quest "Golden Berries in Mercuria", head up to where you located the Goldberry Bush previously. Between the two trees a portal to Baha will appear; head inside. Baha is separated into a lot of very nice little floating islands; transitions appear as glowing blue clouds on the ground. Go to the first one and select the Bazaar as your destination.

Once in the Bazaar, head to the western-side of the area until you find a square wood-bordered garden with palm trees inside of it, with a blue gazebo tent just to the south of it. Next to that tent is a door that leads into a Tailor's Shop, where you'll find Lahar. He'll lament about losing a Hairpin for his lover and mention in passing he had visited a Coffee Shop nearby.

Head outside and directly north is another door leading to a merchant shop well worth visiting for flavourful RP items, but where you need to be is just to the left of that shop, down a narrow alleyway. You'll know it's the right one if you see a caravan to the right of the alleyway and the roof of the building has a red-trimmed sign with a stern face on an iron tankard displayed. Head inside and talk with the Owner; dialogue will provide you with the Hairpin, which you should return to Lahar. In return, Lahar provides you with some XP and an unconventional reward; a permission pass to enter into the nearby Sultan's Palace as his guest. You should take some time to explore around Baha, visit the previously mentioned shop and go explore the Palace. The gardens are very nice and the Toucan by the pond is gorgeous.

Clerk's Ward/Outlands

Lobby Attendant - Finding Information of Khaasta Culture

** - Somewhat challenging combat, Invisibility makes this quest trivial.

In the Hall of Records accessed through the south-most end of the Clerk's Ward, the Lobby Attendant offers a quest to locate a Book on Khaasta Culture, found within the Outlands; the portal to which resides in one of the back rooms of the same Hall of Records, to which the key is a Shovel, purchased from Layla the Herbalist in the Bazaar. Fight your way to the Mine Entrance located in the first zone and in the 'sleeping quarters' part of the Mine, you will find a chest that contains the book.

Maha Kata - A Game Of Chess

*** - Moderately challenging combat.

Located in the labyrinthine maze of the Outlands, the very centre room has a large book detailing a game of skill; interacting with the book will teleport you into an area wherein two opposing sides of 'chess pieces' await. After choosing your side, stand on the empty space where the King should stand and all the NPC chess pieces will begin fighting. Be wary; the Bishops will spam heal abilities while the Queen and King are the biggest threats on the field. Killing the King and the Queen will net you a significant amount of XP based on your level, though only the King needs to die for the quest to progress; up to 500 XP is given for each one. After clearing the field, proceed beyond to the doors behind the opposing side. To the right is an unlocked chest with valuables and a locked chest featuring an interesting item that allows you to summon powerful chess pieces to defend you in the future.

Hive Ward

Tcetisoax the Xaositect - All Around The Hive

* - Non-combative quest.

Located to the left from the entry point if approaching from the Clerk's Ward, along the western-most street of the Hive Ward just nearby Tald's Workshop, this woman offers a bounty for a barrel of Limbic Ale. To complete this quest you'll need a total of 400 gp on hand, but after spending that 400 gp you'll receive 750 gp for a net profit of 350 gp. Begin by heading to the Night Market located in the north end of the Hive Ward and talk with Takk'halar Blacktalon, the red dragon-headed fellow.

Ask him for a special service and inquire after a forged invitation to the Bottle and Jug's private party, pay 100 gp. Head to the Bottle and Jug, go to the back room located in the "Staff Lavatory" and talk with the Fensir Bouncer beside the locked gate, offer him your pass and then talk with Mahkata the Bartender, pay 300 gp for the barrel of Limbic Ale and bring it back to Tcetisoax the Xaotisect for your reward; 750 gp and some decent XP. Feel free to hang about and watch the show if you like, too. My money's on the Minotaurs.

Lady's Ward/Paraelemental Plane of Ice

Sonya - Finding Etnek

*** - Moderately challenging combat, Invisibility makes this quest trivial.

Located in the Lady's Ward in the south-eastern corner of the map in a ring of Mausoleums, Sonya wishes for adventurers to check on the state of her husband, in the Paraelemental Plane of Ice. The portal sits just next to her in the archway of one of the Mausoleums, marked by a large frost-covered stone to the right of the doorway. The key to the portal is a Coldstone, purchased from Zharak. Be aware, this area is dangerous to anyone not adequately prepared, roughly for levels 10 upwards. Etnek is located in the south-most end of the first area, where Ice Paraelementals roam. Large and slow, you can run around them and interact with the frozen Etnek sealed in a slab of ice to progress the quest; after this is done, return to Sonya and she'll reveal that she's aware of his state but frequently has him checked on for any changes. She will reward you with 200 gp and some XP.

Lady's Ward/Lower Ward/Shattered Temple

Ellia, Priestess of Hermes - Victims of the Abyss

* - Non-combative quest.

For this quest you'll need at least 200 gp, possibly more if you mess up and need to try it repeatedly. Talk with Ellia, Priestess of Hermes located in the Temple of Hermes, in the north-east corner of the Lady's Ward. Begin by offering to donate to the poor-box and she'll mention the Temple of the Abyss with entrances in the Lady's Ward and Lower Ward; outside the Lower Ward entrance is a series of hanging cadavers and still-living people, both being tormented until their death and beyond. She asks you to cut some of the poor souls down.

When you locate the cadavers and interact with them, attempting to cut them down forces a response from the nearby Cambion Guards. From here, travel to the south-east corner of the Lower Ward and locate the Xaositect Hawker. Pay him 200 gp for a Box of Distractions, return to the entrance to the Temple and place the box far away. I suggest placing it on the right-hand side, nearby the Nabassu and Succubus. Wait a little while and both Cambion Guards will rush over to it, allowing you to head to the left-side and cut down one of the corpses. This quest can be particularly picky in the placement of the box; not close enough to the sweet spot and one of the Guards will still interrupt you when you try to cut down the corpses. Travel to the Shattered Temple and speak with Factotum Hobard, inform him of this for 500 gp and an XP reward. Oddly this quest cannot be completed by returning to it's giver; only Hobard can do this.

Hobard is involved in three quests per reset; this one, "Poorbox Liberation" and a third quest involving the Greenhouse in the Lower Ward. Only one of these three can be completed per reset.

Lower Ward/Shattered Temple

Guides - A Tour Of The Temple

* - Non-combative quest.

Talk to the Guide nearest to the entrance and ask for a tour; take in all he has to say and follow his directions, speaking to each subsequent Guide in turn until you reach the fourth and final one. Finish the tour for a little bit of XP and feel free to ask for more information; they'll gladly divulge any other information you like.

Lower Ward/Shattered Temple/Temple of Hermes

Factotum Hobard - Poorbox Liberation

* - Non-combative quest. Currently only one route can complete this quest.

Factotum Hobard mentions that the Temple of Hermes has been stealing a portion of donations from their poorbox, intended to help the children of the Hive Ward. Travel to the Temple of Hermes and interact with the poorbox; a DC 20 Move Silently check is necessary here, followed by an unlisted Open Lock check of indeterminate difficulty which may just require you have a single rank; it does make the distinction of offering you a chance to take the money for yourself, however. Assuming success, the quest bids you to return to Factotum Hobard and collect your reward; a small bit of XP and a chunk of 500 gp. Considering that's five months of fundraising, it seems the money isn't really being put to good use.

(If you fail at the theft, the quest seems to become incomplete. Below is listed the steps able to be taken up until it seems to hit a dead end for those inclined to try it out and maybe stumble on a solution.)

On a failed check you can attempt a DC 20 Bluff check to dissuade attention and offer a donation instead; if you fail at this, you lose your one shot, but can salvage the situation by reporting the matter to the authorities, or by asking some pointed questions. In either of these cases you're directed to the Harmonium Barracks in the Lady's Ward to ask further questions, the Harmonium Measure however simply points you to the Hall of Records and the Fated within.

Travel to the rear of the Hall of Records and look for Factotum Aram Oakwright's office; the Dwarf in question will allow you to ask some questions for either a little bit of coin or a few diplomacy checks; DC 25 and 35 respectively, or 10 and 100 gp. You can ask him on the matter of the Temple laundering donation funds; the end reveal is that they take 5% for themselves, by Sigillian law, for maintenance and upkeep costs. The quest informs you that it's up to you how to use this information from here. (Quest becomes incomplete at this point as near as I can tell; visiting Hobard, Ellia, the Harmonium and the Fated has yielded no sign of how to finish.)

Hobard is involved in three quests per reset; this one, "Victims of the Abyss" and a third quest involving the Greenhouse in the Lower Ward. Only one of these three can be completed per reset.

Lower Ward/Shattered Temple/Astral Plane - Dead God Rock/Gith Outpost

Ghyris Vast/Khosun/Il-Temid - Strange Mechanical Objects

*** - Mid-level combat, possibly non-combative with invisibility.

Very similar to the quests for Runestones and Books, this quest is a side-reward for adventuring. In this case, you can find Strange Mechanical Objects within the various chests scattered throughout the Gith Outpost; to reach it, head to the Lower Ward, into the Shattered Temple and seek out the portal to the Astral Plane - Dead God Rock. From here, head over to the docks and call an Astral Ship to pick you up and either pay a single Mechanus Cog Coin worth 20gp, or 100 gp and head over to the Gith Outpost. From here you only need to kill your way through an army of Githyanki and loot the locked and trapped chests for a chance at one of these items.

Interestingly enough the turn-in has two options, both of which reside in the Divinity Leech found in the north-east corner of Astral Plane - Dead God Rock; Ghyris Vast offers a trade of straight money for each Strange Mechanical Object you bring him, but the amount of gold you receive is dependent on your Appraise skill/roll. Meanwhile the pair of exotic Rakshasa ladies nearby, Il-temid and Khosun, will offer you XP based on a Lore check. What this boils down to is which you have more of; as someone with 11 Lore base I received 154 xp per Strange Mechanical Object handed over to the pair of Rakshasa. If you have sufficiently high Lore, it's almost always better to pick the XP. Gold is plentiful after all.

Lower Ward/Elemental Plane of Fire

Agasan Ibn Agnipath - City of Brass: A Lost Genasi

*** - Moderately challenging combat, Invisibility makes this quest trivial.

Travel to the portal leading to the Elemental Plane of Fire with a Fire Opal in hand, purchasable from Zharak in the Great Bazaar. Along the 'coast' of the lava lake you can find a large gong which you can ring to summon a boat. Avoiding/fighting the Fire Salamanders is the only combative part of this quest; with Invisibility it becomes entirely non-combative. Pay 100 gp and you'll be ferried to the City of Brass. From here, travel to the Forges and speak with Agasan Ibn Agnipath ordering about numbered Fire Genasi; he'll intimate that one of his 'sons' has fled and he'll pay you richly for his retrieval.

Head into the Bird of Paradise tavern nearby and head to the rooftops until you find the missing son; Number Two. Force him to follow you through dialogue and return to his father for an easy 1000 gp and some XP.

Edit Log:

31/03/2017 - Added an edit log. Miscellaneous formatting. Added the quest "The Lost Hairpin".
01/04/2017 - Added the quest "Poorbox Liberation"; quest is semi-complete with only one of the suggested routes actually allowing the quest to be finished; all others lead to a dead-end. Fixed some information on the quest "Victims of the Abyss".
02/04/2017 - Added the quest "Strange Mechanical Objects".
11/04/2017 - Updated some general stuff referring to old bugs that have since been fixed.

To-Do (Contributions welcome and encouraged):

Update several quests with more specific information on NPC names, locations and rewards.

Fix any incorrect formatting.

Add missing quests; at the moment the ones on the list I'm aware of are as follows;

Mercuria/Shrine of Domiel

Locate a rare object from a dangerous location in the game for a reward from an Angel in the Shrine of Domiel.

Lower Ward/Shattered Temple/The Greenhouse

Factotum Hobard offers a quest for some to sabotage an altar to the gods found within The Greenhouse in the Lower Ward.
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Cool, good work! :) I was about to make a beginners guide this weekend, but I guess I don't really need to anymore!
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Nice guide. Pinned!
I'm Slimy Doom. I'm just your standard ooze, pretending to be a DM.

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