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Rule Clarifications
Topic Started: Apr 10 2017, 07:49 PM (293 Views)
DM Slimy Doom
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Will turn your insides to deadly goo
Dungeon Master
Based on some questions and concerns I've been receiving recently, I feel the need to clarify a few things about a certain topic that we, as the staff, may have poorly defined because we didn't expect it to become a common enough occurrence. To note, this isn't new ruling. It's just further clarification regarding an older, potentially unclear rule as per the request of a player or two. And so, due to request, let's get down to business.

Minors and Children

So. Minors and Children. I'd like to begin with some operational definitions to make sure I'm as clear as can be. To wit-

* A Child is any being that is the equivalent of a human between ages 0 and age 12. So something like a Dwarf that's 20, or an Elf that's 30 or 40 (I'd like to note here that I am not actually running calculated numbers. Use your judgement.)

* A Minor is any being that is the equivalent of a human between ages 12 and 18. Essentially, teenagers. Not an adult, but no longer a child. I am using 18 because it's the strictest interpretation I'm aware of, even though some parts of Europe I know use 16. Both Child and Minor apply to all races. Your dragon is not exempt because they are a dragon.

* Extreme Violence. Extreme violence is violence for the spectacle of it. Gruesome, gore-y, dismember-y, mutilated bloody messes. If a movie would be rated R for just the violence alone, it's Extreme.

* Substances. In this particular case, Substances are hard drugs. The nasty stuff. Mary Jane, LSD, etc, etc. Yes, this includes their fantasy Sigil equivalent. No, making up new ones with different names does not exempt you from this. Notably, this list does not include things like tobacco products and mundane alcohol. While I would prudishly advise the minors not indulge in these things, there are enough representations in literature and movies of underage denizens partaking in these past times to not draw any undue ire to us.


But Slimy Doom, why Minors and Children? The answer to that is a little muddled, and it takes us to a dark, menacing place that even the most hardened adventurers dread travel: The Real World.

Many countries consider Minors and Children and Extreme Situations Thereof seriously in things like media, books, movies, and that sort of thing. Seriously enough that sometimes they are brought before Triad-like bodies to receive judgement. In mundane talk, we need to establish a few baselines to cover our collective asses. No one's really expecting serious trouble, but it's better to be safe.

Now, I don't like to tell people they can't do something. Sigil has in the past not restricted players from playing younger characters, provided they do so responsibly. This is not changing. The only thing I'm here to do is perhaps better clarify what exactly children are restricted from doing. It's the same list it's always been, but perhaps we have not made it as obvious as it bears to be.

So! The dirty work.

Minors and Children

May not

* Be subject or party to extreme violence.
(While we hold no objections to Extreme Violence for characters of appropriate age, this is not appropriate for underage characters or NPCs)

* Be subject or party to Substances.
(See above)

* Be subject or party to ERP (Oooh look, the Dm's talking about ERP. This is explicit stuff.)


* Be subject to Reasonable Fantasy Violence
(Eating children is okay a la Hansel and Gretel. Describing it graphically is not. Fusing children into horrible monsters is okay. Going into gore-y details is not. Harming children is okay, to the extent that it is kept to the strict minimum necessary. Brawling, knife fights, etc. Children may die, so long as it is handled maturely and again kept to a minimum level of graphic-ness. Minors get a bit of a pass here, as they are less stringently enforced than explicit children. Extreme violence is still a no go, but so long as violence with regards to Minors is treated maturely and respectfully, we won't intervene unless we have to.)

* Minors may within reason consume alcohol or tobacco products. I'd suggest that Children refrain from doing so, but there's strictly nothing preventing them from doing so short of sensibilities. It's not something that we condone, but it happens enough in media that it won't cause an outright problem.

So. Not so bad, was it? Just a few more things I'd like to cover before I'm done with us.

How to respond to inappropriate situations

Alright. So you've done your best to avoid the content that's inappropriate for your character. But despite your best efforts, someone's lit up a bong in the Bazaar and is doin' the ol' MJ (Dramatic situation for example. I haven't seen this happen.) How do you react?

Well, first of all, you are allowed to react IC, so long as you are making an effort to resolve the situation. Asking them to take it elsewhere, expressing distaste once or twice, and if all else fails, leaving the scene.

Unfortunately, sometimes even that fails. As we all know, most situations on our server tend to go along with an unspoken 'common consent' rule. No one can force you into anything. If a player has issues with you attempting to excuse yourself from a scene, you may explain to them that you are required to do so as per our server rules. You are under no obligation to stay, and if they are unsatisfied with this answer, please feel free to refer them to a member of staff and we can further clarify things for them.


Unfortunately, we must treat this particular subject with absolute seriousness, strictly because the rest of the world will do so. As such, the first offense for infractions regarding Minors and Children will result in a 7 day ban. The second offense will be permanent.


Though this is primarily written from the perspective of a player, this rule does also apply to EMs, and yes, even us, the staff. When situations like this arise in the course of plots that we run for players, we will do our utmost to handle it with care and finesse. Even we are not above this, especially as it pertains to avoiding potential real world issues that pertain to the server.

In closing

All we ask is that you police your own underage character. We do not expect you to police anyone else. As far as something you are required to excuse yourself from, a single line in the heat of a moment wouldn't need you to do so. A scene that goes on for longer than two minutes with a clear focus on Extreme Violence, Substance, or ERP would require you to do so, as it's the intent of the scene.

Only reason I'm bringing this up is I've had enough questions recently to feel that we're responsible to clarify things a bit. Thanks for putting up with me waxing wordy!
I'm Slimy Doom. I'm just your standard ooze, pretending to be a DM.

Please don't hesitate to PM me if you have questions about the following:

* Athar
* Dustmen
* Bleakers
* Personal plots
* If you find something wrong with our wiki that needs to be looked at
* Anything else you think I might can help with.
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