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Big Rewards, Fitting Consequences?
Topic Started: May 3 2017, 07:55 AM (178 Views)
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Dungeon Master
It's something that has been floating around a while, the idea that relevant events should ideally have the chance for big rewards, and also meaningful consequences. Is that something that has been considered at large by the DM team or are there any thoughts how it could be brought to SCoD?
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Yes, And No. This is difficult.

DM events in sigil are hard, because realistically running a DM event with more than 4-5 players (especially people with no prior interaction in most cases) becomes a push for everyone to be doing something, everyone wants their time in the limelight. With big large epic battles this makes it impossible for any sort of nuance or the interests of characters to really come to light.

I am all for however there being the possibility of Risk/Reward - but this is difficult to impliment given the great rift of balance between certain character builds - this is a problem inherant to Nwn2 and is not easily fixed without, say, enforcing PRC or Multiclassing limits which isnt in the nature of the server.

Sigil is a server which I feel personally lacks a proper balance. This makes giving out big rewards very difficult to do as it risks upsetting this further.

Consequences however is something I would be very happy for. People should understand and appreciate that doing naughty things, taking actions against others, plotting, spying etc are all fun - but they cannot just duck out of it if things start going against them. There should be no veto'ing of consequences because you as a player find it too stressful or are unwilling to roleplay it. - If this is the case, to not enter into it to begin with. Players need to be able to establish personally a seperation between IC actions done by IC characters and OOC players playing their characters.

But for consequences there needs to be benefit from taking these risks in the first place and overall drive a good narrative forward. Benefits need to not simply be items or equipment (and ideally, should not be) but a way of making IC prestige (or infamy) have some form of benefits to the players and their characters outside of DM / EM interaction. As to how you do this? I genuinely dont know.
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This is an easy one, so I'll start with it.

Yes, the admin team is fond of rewards and consequences. The fact is, this isn't a controversial or new idea! Most of us have featured this in our quests in the past, and its planned to be a feature of plots in the future.

Of course, the following should be kept in mind:
1) We don't really encourage EM's to go too big on consequences and rewards.
2) The circumstances of the plot itself dictate what is and is not feasible
3) It needs to be something that the player themselves are interested in. Risking, say, permadeath is always an optional thing.
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