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Sigil Staff
Topic Started: May 7 2017, 03:34 AM (396 Views)
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Player-Side Admin

Adviser: Cryptc

Job description: The head honcho, big cheese and one of the remaining server founders. While mostly retired Cryptc is responsible for the initial vision of the servers direction and still steps in when needed.

When should you contact them?: Cryptc is mostly retired however if you have an issue with one of the admin staff, Cryptc is the person to see.

Player and Staff Admin: MimiFearthegn and Darkrob

Job description: The player and staff admins are responsible for managing the team, This involves ensuring requests and complaints are answered swiftly and fairly. They also handle new additions to the staff and forum administration. While still assisting with the normal day to day DM tasks.

When should you contact them?: If you made a request or report and have not received a response. You need to report abuse from a staff member, Wish to join the staff or to appeal a staff decision.

Dark Mistress of the Toolset: MimiFearthegn.

Job description: The dark mistress is responsible for maintaining and updating the live server. They along with the Head Builder determine what does and does not go into the live server. As well as manage the builder team.

When should you contact them?: They are the first point of contact if you want to become a builder, contribute to server content, or seek to report an exploit privately.

Dungeon Master

DM's: Bloodlines,Cadence, Edmaster33, LiquidDreamer, McBlight, Mr_Otyugh Sinlinara,Witchinghour

Job description: DMs handle almost everything that comes to the staff. Rules, reports, requests are all handled by the DM team typically by group discussions. With changes and responses decided by a majority vote of the staff. In addition many DMs actively run events and enforce both forum and IG rules.

When should you contact them?: If you have a report, request or just need some help the DM team is the one to contact.

Head Builder: -

Job description: In addition to the tasks of a standard DM, The head builder assists with monitoring new content for balance and lore reasons. Along with the dark mistress they assist in what content becomes approved for the server. While working with our awesome building team.

When should you contact them?: In addition to the above, They should be contacted if you want to discuss new content or joining the builder team.

EM Coordinator: Bloodlines

Job description: In addition to the tasks of a standard DM, The EM Coordinator is responsible for tracking EM events, managing and recruiting for the EM team and ensuring the EM rules are followed.

When should you contact them?: In addition to the standard DM, They should be contacted if you want to join the EM team, Are an EM with a great but unorthodox plot idea or require guidance with the DMC.

Campaign Coordinator: -

Job description: In additional to the tasks of a standard DM, The Campaign Coordinator is responsible for keeping track of DM plots, and managing the yearly server wide mega plot.

When should you contact them?: In addition to the standard DM, They should be contacted if you want to get involved into the mega plot. or have concerns revolving around it.

  • Faction DM:

    - Mercykillers, Sign of One, Fated.
    - Harmonium, Transcendent Order, Believers of the Source.
    - Fraternity of Order, Society of Sensation, Xaositects.
    - Revolutionary League, Doomguard, Free League.
    - Dustmen, Bleak Cabal, Athar

    What is a Faction DM?
    A faction DM has complete control of his or her designated Factol, and is the direct contact for questions, queries or comments regarding these factions in official capacity. The purpose in having a point of contact for each faction allows for overarching consistency, and efficiency in providing themed content to faction members; whether for individual advancement or in regards to larger plots and events on the whole - one of many benefits for those involving themselves in Sigil's political and philosophical atmosphere. If you wish to get the wheel's turning on a particular plot or wish to follow though on character initiative with said faction, DM contact is encouraged and often rewarded.

Builder Team


Job description: Builders.. Well build!. This group is responsible for majority of the content that hits the server. In addition to building their own projects they assist each other and help determine server balance.

When should you contact them?: Some builders will accept requests for player housing, Or offer building advice however this entirely depends on the builder. Requests are best made here. Unless you are an EM and its for an event then here.


Job description: Testers are responsible for testing new content before it hits the live server
Or reported bugs. This is to assist builders to ensure a working and balanced feature reaches the live server.

When should you contact them?: There is generally no reason to directly contact a tester. They may however offer to help test player contributions discussed here, Or bug reports made here.
Edited by Mr_Otyugh, Feb 27 2018, 01:48 PM.
Do not hesitate to send me a PM if you:
- Require assistance with a staff or player conflict
- Would like to join the testing team
- Waiting on a staff ruling for longer then a week
- Want to join or start an event for the Harmonium, Transcendent Order, or Free League

Trissa, Sensate Factotum - True Wisdom and knowledge comes from experience.
Beladra d'Phiarlan, Harmonium Namer - I will bleed for my Golden Harmony, Get in our way and so will you.
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