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Half-fiend Battleaxe Dual-wielder?; Will it blend?
Topic Started: Sep 10 2017, 10:41 AM (97 Views)
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I'll preface this by saying that I'm not looking for something super-duper min/maxed (since I don't believe it's possible with the concept I have), just something that stays true to the concept while staying consistently viable. Will also say that I am open to wiggle room, but some RP form of Tanar'ri/Half Fiend/Not-Nice-Abyss-Guy that doubles up on battleaxes is the general idea.

I get the feeling the answer is gonna be "take 21 Ranger," but if I weren't keen on the idea of being restricted to Light Armor and preferred Heavy, would a PrC Half Fiend with all six levels invested have a believable chance of being viable/not a liability as a battleaxe dual-wielder? And if not, what would need to be done? Should also mention that I'm open to the idea of rebuilding from Chargen to switch to the Tanar'ri race instead of the PrC... and maybe, just maybe, biting the bullet and taking 21 Ranger. :D Thanks a bunch.
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You can get the most out of the dual-wielding by getting 17 Dex for Greater Two Weapon Fighting. Epic really isn't worth it, since you're just getting a bunch of attacks you'll miss anyway.

I'd recommend Fighter with you doing everything you can to max your attack bonuses, since dual-wielding medium weapons is a penalty of -4/-4 and you'll probably not very hard without Power Attack.
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Awesome. Thanks for the advice. Due to how I balanced stats on Chargen, I'm sitting on 17 Dex with the rest to be dumped into Str (will be 23 by the time 30 rolls around). Seems like I'm heading down that road. Would Weapon Master be worth taking?
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The race you chose have has +3 ecl or +1? I can't remember but for +3 ecl

12 fighter/ 7 wm / 8 Half fiend (6+2 LA) seems legit or +1 ecl you have 2 more lvls to play with but if you do go at least 12 fighter make sure you take your 12th fighter lvl on a normal epic feat lvl like 25 or 27 or something so you can get all the epic spec/focus feats without having to take more than 12 fighter cuz imo 12 fighter is all you need in any build that has a good few lvls of fighter. Chances are you already know this!

extra 2 lvls well the obv choice is 2 ranger for fav power attack outsiders as your mortal or in some cases not so mortal enemy is an outsider so than extra SMorc goes a long way, and it fits the bill of your build idea/ character concept

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Half-Fiend Template is +2 ECL now.
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