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Silver Lake; Pilot
Topic Started: May 17 2018, 02:24 AM (252 Views)
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Stanton Enterprises Network Presents...

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Staring Ripley as Malcom “Hawkeye” West
Frank Lowman as Jimmy
Kyle Henderson as Officer Hendricks

The opening shot takes place inside of a liquor store. The store is empty except for the cashier behind the counter at the front of the store just to the side of the front door. The cashier is a young-looking woman, maybe mid-twenties. She has on a simple white dress that has a floral print and stops just above her knees. She looks bored as she leans on the counter and taps on the screen of her phone. The door then opens giving a high-pitched beep announcing a customer. The girl straightens up and puts on a smile as she gives a greeting to Malcom “Hawkeye” West. He gives her a quick smile then heads straight to the aisle with whisky. He stands still starring at the various bottles then finally grabs one. He walks up to the cashier and places the bottle on the counter. She rings it up and gives him a shocked look.

Cashier: Man, I don’t know how you can drink this stuff.

Malcom: It’s not easy but after some practice…

Cashier: If you say so. I’ll stick to my sweet drinks. That’ll be $41.73.

Malcom pulls out his wallet and pulls out a fifty-dollar bill. He grabs the bottle in the bag and heads towards the door.

Malcom: No change darling.

Cashier: Oh, thanks and have a great day!

Outside Malcom pulls out the bottle and cracks it open. He takes a big swig then puts the cap back on. He looks around.

Malcom Voiceover: Everyone seems to want a superpower. They seem to dream about being able to fly or be super strong where nothing can ever hurt them. Maybe even want the ability to move super-fast. It’s a fantasy people wish to live out but what if they got their wish? Could the average person really be a dark knight or a beacon of hope? Probably not. All that stress and responsibility would get to them and they’d crack. Thank God superheroes are just fantasy. Unfortunately for me I’m the closest thing to a person with a superpower in this world. Lucky me. That’s why you’re seeing me drink a hundred proof whisky at nine in the morning. You see, all my life I’ve had the ability to be super aware of things happening around me. Doesn’t sound as great as super strength but I’ve found this ability useful at times.

Just then a generic guitar riff can be heard. Malcom reaches into his left front pocket and pulls out his cell phone.

Malcom: Aw, shit.

He slides his finger on the screen to accept the call.

Malcom: Yeah?

Male Voice: Um, yeah is this Malcom West?

Malcom: Yeah, this had better be good.

Male Voice: It is sir. Look, I’m with the sheriff’s department and we are up at Silver Lake Campground working with the park rangers trying to track down a missing couple.

Malcom: And you’re calling me because…?

Male Voice: I’ve heard you’re the best. We’ve hit a brick wall and you’re known for being able to find people so…

Malcom rubs the bridge of his nose.

Malcom: Okay. I’ll be there soon. Don’t do anything to contaminate the scene. Although your boys probably already did that.

Male Voice: Us contaminate the scene? We’re law enforcm—

Malcom hangs up on the officer and slides his phone back into his pocket.

Malcom Voiceover: Like I was saying before I was interrupted. I’m incredibly aware of my surroundings. I don’t know how to explain it, but I can be placed in almost any situation and within minutes I can tell you who and what has been in the area. I see things that other people seem to miss. Most people spend years trying to hone their tracking skills that I’ve seemed to be born with. That’s why I’m drinking whisky at nine in the morning. It’s the only thing that numbs me for a while and I don’t have to be so aware of what’s going on. Thanks to that call though it looks like I need to sober up. Duty calls.

Malcom starts walking towards the parking lot and reaches a small black crossover SUV. He opens the back-passenger door and sits down in the seat.

Malcom: Hey Jimmy, thanks for waiting.

Jimmy: No problem. Shit, are you already hitting the bottle? You know that crap will kill you.

Malcom takes a swig from the bottle and lets out an “Ahhhh!” and winces.

Malcom: Yeah, that wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to me though.

Jimmy shakes his head.

Jimmy: So, back to your place?

Malcom: No, we’re headed up to Silver Lake.

Jimmy: Silver Lake? That’s like thirty minutes away!

Malcom: Hey, chill. You’ll get your money. I always pay, right?

Jimmy: Yeah, you do. Alright.

Malcom: You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

Fade out to commercial.

Fade back in to see Jimmy’s crossover SUV pulling up to a campsite. The gravel crunches under his tires. Jimmy puts the vehicle into park and looks to the backseat where Malcom is passed out. Jimmy shakes him.

Jimmy: Malcom…Malcom…Malcom!!

Malcom pops up awake with a shocked look on his face.

Malcom: What the shit!? Oh. We here?

Jimmy: Yeah, we’re here.

Malcom: Okay, cool. Time to get to work.

Malcom opens the door and steps out. The mid-day sun is casting rays on the old oak trees covered in Spanish moss. Silver Lake Campground. It’s a nice place. Silver Lake is deep and filled with fresh dark water, fed by local rivers. Campsites dot all along the lakeside. Malcom walks up towards the campsite that is roped off with crime scene tape. He ducks under the tape and is stopped by a sheriff deputy.

Deputy: What the hell do you think you’re doing? This is a crime scene!

Just then another deputy runs up. On his uniform is the name Hendricks.

Hendricks: It’s okay, he’s with us.

The deputy looks at Hendricks and Malcom, after a few seconds he walks away looking defeated.

Malcom: You need to reel your boys in.

Hendricks: Look, don’t start any trouble. They are just doing their jobs.

Malcom: Yeah, yeah. You’re the one that called me, right?

Hendricks: Right.

Malcom stands still looking at the campsite. There’s a small two-man tent set up, but the opening is unzipped. The fire pit is full of ash but isn’t smoldering. It’s cold. The heat died out long ago. Inside the tent there are multiple blankets and pillows. Comfort was definitely king here. Malcom grunts.

Hendricks: See something?

Malcom: Tell that officer standing by the tall grass near the water he might want to move. Water moccasins are there.

Hendricks signals for the officer to move then looks at Malcom concerned.

Hendricks: What about the campers?

Malcom: Huh? Oh, yeah. Look. They obviously left in a panic. Something definitely spooked them. What? I don’t have any idea.

Hendricks: Bear maybe?

Malcom: Bears don’t really come down here. What the Hell…?

Malcom brushes past Hendricks and crouches down. He runs his hand over the dirt then stands up and looks at Hendricks.

Malcom: Pull your men out, now!

The screen cuts to black.Credits roll.
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