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Silver Lake; Episode Two
Topic Started: May 23 2018, 12:47 AM (66 Views)
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Episode Two: “It’s A Big Scary World”

The episode starts inside of a park ranger station. There are several Sheriff Deputy’s and Park Rangers talking to each other and going over maps. Among all of the stands along the walls holding various pamphlets advertising everything from park attractions and activities to activities and sights in the nearby towns there is a large wooden table that has several maps scattered on it. Standing at the table is Malcom. He has his hands placed on the tabletop and is leaning forward studying a map. On it there’s a red X near the lake, marking the missing campers’ campsite. Scattered around there are red circles marking some other spots. As Malcom is studying the map Hendricks marches up, his boots making loud thuds on the wood floor, and he slams his hands down on the table causing Malcom to break his concentration and looks up.

Hendricks: Are you going to finally tell me why I gave the order to regroup here? We need to be out there searching, not hanging out.

Malcom looks past him and at the door where Jimmy walks in carrying a large red backpacking bag.

Malcom: Thanks Jimmy, just place that over there on that couch.

Hendricks: Did you hear me?

Malcom: Yeah, I heard you. Look I want to get back out there and find that couple just as bad as you do. The sooner we find them the sooner I can go back home and get blackout drunk but we need a better plan. Think an officer like you would understand that.

Hendricks has an annoyed look on his face and looks like he’s about to say something but it suddenly passes and he nods.

Hendricks: Alright, just remember I’m in charge of this operation. You’re just an advisor.

Malcom: So glad we can understand each other.

Jimmy: Um, Malcom?

Malcom: Yeah? Oh!

Malcom reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bundle of cash. He flips through it and then walks up to Jimmy and hands it to him. Malcom then gives Jimmy a slap on the shoulder.

Malcom: Thanks again. Well I think you should get out of here and take care of your other business. I’m probably going to be stuck with these guys awhile.

Jimmy nods and heads out the door. Malcom turns around and looks at the table where Hendricks is now talking to two of his men and they are pointing out spots on the map. Malcom looks around the rest of the room where Sheriff Deputy’s and Park Rangers are all talking, forming plans.

Malcom Voiceover: These poor bastards. None of these men and women know what they’ve stumbled into. When I got this call, I had thought it’d be another easy case. Just some dumb couple that wandered off during the night and got lost in the woods. A day or two of searching and they’d be found hungry and scared but alive. This is so much bigger and I don’t know if they can handle what I’m about to tell them.

Malcom walks over to the large table and gets Henricks attention as well as an older woman wearing a Park Ranger uniform, Karen Forestier. The three step just outside of the ranger station and Malcom gives them a look.

Malcom: All right, I wanted to tell the two of you this privately since you’re the two pretty much running the show. I think I know what happened and if I’m right we’re all in for a lot of danger. Now, I know this is probably going to sound crazy at first probably even ridiculous but this is the truth. This world is a big place filled with things we can’t always explain or understand. It can be scary but this is one of those situations.

Hendricks: What the Hell are you talking about? Just tell us what you think this is already.

Malcom: Well, to put it simply. Monsters are real. Well, not exactly monsters but creatures that are definity strange and very scary.

Hendricks rolls his eyes and looks around then at Malcom.

Hendricks: Are you serious right now? You are, aren’t you? Monsters? Seriously man? Look I get it if you want to ditch this search and rescue but don’t be trying to turn this into some kind of campfire horror story.

Karen: Now hold on just a second.

Hendricks: Are you serious? All right I’m going back inside back to reality, if you two want to join me I’ll be right inside.

Hendricks slides past them as Karen looks like she’s about to say something, Malcom shakes his head.

Malcom: Don’t worry about him. Now why do you seem more open to this? You’ve seen something out here haven’t you?

Karen: I don’t know what it was but I do know hardly anyone actually stays for long over on that side of the lake. We still maintain the trail and the campsites but when people do go over there they usually go back to the main area. They always say the same things too. Feels like they’re being watched, more like staled, and at night they hear things like people are off in the bushes circling the site. Some people even pack up in the middle of the night and take off out of here.

Malcom: All right, well earlier I found a track at the campsite and I think I know what we’re dealing with. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to tell the other rangers or not. After all Hendricks reminded me I’m just an advisor here. Let’s head back in and see what Hendricks has planned.

They walk back inside where Hendricks has everyone around the table and he’s pointing to the map and explaining. He looks up and sees Malcom and Karen.

Hendricks: Glad you two could join us. Here’s the plan. We’re going to gear up and head out to here just a little past the site. That’s not too dangerous is it, West?

Malcom: Sounds good to me. We should also check out this spring area.

Hendricks: The spring? All right we’ll get there but I doubt they went for a swim. Well everyone we have the plan let’s gear up and find these people.

Everyone starts moving around grabbing their gear and Malcom takes hold of Karen and leans in towards her.

Malcom: Hendricks is a skeptic but keep your eyes open while we’re out there. I think things are about to get pretty crazy.

Malcom walks over to the couch with his red bag and puts it on. He follows a couple of Deputy’s outside and the show goes to credits.

Ripley as Malcom “Hawkeye” West
Frank Lowman as Jimmy
Kyle Henderson as Officer Hendricks
Monica Blake as Karen Forestier
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