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Silver Lake; Episode Four
Topic Started: Jul 15 2018, 05:16 AM (95 Views)
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Episode Four: ďJourney to the TowerĒ

The episode starts of with the sight of Malcom and the young park ranger walking down an overgrown trail at the Silver Lake Campground. The shadows from the surrounding tress are now starting grow longer as the sun is getting even lower in the sky. Malcom is looking annoyed as he slaps away small branches blocking the path and stepping over fallen trees. The park ranger on the other hand has a look of worry and fear all over his face and seems to be in a daze as he clumsily tries to navigate the path.

Park Ranger: Come on man, you gotta tell me what the Hell was that back there? I know Iím still new here but Iíve seen what animals can do and how they settle in an area and that back there in that cabin? That wasnít freaking animals! Weíre dealing with some cult crap, arenít we? Like some hillbilly family has moved in and now theyíre doing some crazy rituals our here or something. Oh God. That couple is a backwoods sacrifice.

Malcom becomes increasingly irritated looking until he finally stops walking and puts a hand on the rangersí shoulder.

Malcom: Hey, man. Shut up. Thereís no hillbilly family out here. Well, there probably is but they didnít do that so just calm down and letís get to this tower okay?

Park Ranger: Okay, right. Itís just so weird. Out here looking for a missing couple and all of, that?

Malcom: I know. Letís just focus on the missing people and thatís that. Whatís your name anyway?

Park Ranger: Adam and that sounds good.

They resume their walk through the overgrown bushes and fallen trees occasionally swatting at bugs and slapping themselves as they get bitten.

Malcom Voiceover:This whole situation is starting to get out of hand. When I first got the call this morning I thought this would be a straightforward operation. Search through the woods getting bit by all of Gods most annoying creations, find a missing couple, then fall asleep black out drunk later in the night back home. Instead my fears are getting realized that weíre all in for much more than we thought. Plus, thereís these poor park rangers and sheriff deputies just doing their jobs, not knowing what this all could be. I want to hurry this thing up and get us all the Hell out of here. Itís not a big deal trying to tell Hendricks what to look out for because heíll keep his people safe, if heíll believe me. Same with Karen, she understands more than Hendricks. It gets harder when things like what was in that cabin happen. Just look at Adam. The guy is a mess after seeing that and that is what Iím trying to avoid. Iíd tell him the truth about what I fear is going on but I donít think he could handle it. Have to work fast and keep him calm.

Malcom: So, Adam. Whatís the story with those cabins back there?

Adam: Huh? Oh, well thatís way before when I started here but I asked some of the rangers that have been here a long time for the story too. What they say is about thirty years or so there was a couple cub scout or boy scout troops out there doing some event. Wasnít any wilderness survival stuff hence the cabin renting. Anyway, first couple days everything went fine like youíd expect but then one night there were a ton of calls coming in about a fire broke out. Long story short apparently one of the troop leaders started the fire and burned one cabin down and damaged a few others.

Malcom: Shit. Do they know why?

Adam: The official story is the idiot got drunk and either fired off a flare gun where he shouldnít have or he just simply was wasted and started a fire for the hell of it. Either way when rescuers arrived one cabin was completely engulfed in flames lighting up the whole clearing. From what Iíve been told the place looked like it was out of a horror movie.

Malcom: Whatís the unofficial story?

Adam: Oh man. Look, Iíll tell you but itís probably just the older guys trying to mess with the new guy alright? Well, according to the ones that first got to the cabins the guy that started the fire was screaming about itís out there and itís watching! The guy was absolutely out of his mind from what they say and he got locked up for arson and I think even murder. Donít think all the scouts got out. So, between all of that and it being in an area where hardly anyone goes they were just kind of left to fall apart. Still, sometimes rednecks go out there in the middle of the night either on dares from their buddies or looking to impress the girl theyíre with. You know, the whole oh Iím a tough guy for surviving haunted cabins. Oh God. Itís ghosts weíre dealing with isnít it or demons? Definitely demons.

Malcom Voiceover: Well Iím doing a great job at keeping this guy calm. Should have known those cabins had some messed up story behind them. Everything out in the middle of the woods have messed up stories behind them.

Malcom: Hey, hey, buddy calm down. Like you said itís just a story they told to probably mess with the new guys.

Adam: Yeah, youíre right. This whole thing is stressing me out.

They keep slowly making their way until Malcom stops abruptly and stops Adam making a shushing motion that causes Adam to get a look of panic. Malcom shakes his head and motions for them to lower down into the tall grass and bushes. Malcom points ahead down the trail and Adam looks on nervously trying to stay calm. After a few moments a rustling can be heard and right after a female deer, doe, cautiously walks out onto the trail followed by a small fawn. The look around nervously and look to sniff the air before disappearing into the trees again. Malcom looks at Adam then gets up and they keep resume walking.

Adam: Man, youíve got to be psychic. How did you know they were there?

Malcom: Like I tell everyone Iím not psychic, I just notice the things you donít.

Malcom gives a laugh as Adam looks in disbelief. Adam looks as if heís about to say something when they hear a male voice.

Voice: Hey! Wait up!

Malcom and Adam turn around to see three park rangers trying to hurry along the overgrown trail to catch up.

Malcom: Huh, guess some of your friends decided to join us instead.

Adam: Guess so.

The three park rangers explain that shortly after following Hendricks that Hendricks was acting like they were just going to be getting in the way so they took off hoping to catch up with Malcom and Adam in time to help search the area that has the old fire watch tower. The five of them then turn their focus back onto navigating the overgrown trail.

Malcom: Man, Iím getting really tired of this. Doesnít the park service have vehicles we can use?

Adam: Yeah but most of them are being used searching the more remote areas of the park. We have a few side by sides, ATVs, and even a few pickup trucks out here searching.

Malcom: Well, weíre going to need to radio in something once we get to this tower because this is way more walking than I agreed to.

Adam: I thought I heard something about you preferring to be out in places like this?

Malcom: I do but thatís to get away from the damn loudness of the so called civilized world. Doesnít mean I like spending the whole day out here almost dying of exhaustion. We have a job to do so thatís whatís important.

The group keeps walking until they reach a large clearing with tall grass and on the other side is a large tower about one hundred feet tall with a small square top to it that have large windows on all four sides. The body of the tower is an iron framework getting narrower as it gets to the top with a winding set of stairs leading to the top inside of it. Several hundred feet away is an old ranger station with a partially collapsed roof. The group stops and looks around the area.

Malcom: Well, looks like we made it guys. Letís see if we can find anyone.

Malcom and the four park rangers make their way through the tall grass and the episode fades to black and the credits roll.

Ripley as Malcom ďHawkeyeĒ West
David Johnson as Adam

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