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The Rules; (Please Read!)
Topic Started: Nov 16 2008, 11:03 AM (1,294 Views)
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Head of W&&W
[align=center]Our Statement
of Witches && Wizards was created with the intent of giving literate
Wicked/Oz roleplayers a place to roleplay in Baum's magical fairytale
country, combining Maguire's newly imagined characters with those we
grew up with as children. members are welcome to become active in as
many threads as they so choose.

1. First things first: this is a Wicked roleplay, and Wicked is loved by all age-ranges...which means we will most likely have younger members on here. For this reason, we ask for no R-NC17 rated material UNLESS it is posted in our lovely little 'Wicked' section in the Time Dragon Clock. However, we will be allowing light cursing (you don't need to curse every other word!) and black-out adult material (as in the Maguire novels) around the rest of the forum, but we expect you all to use good judgement when dabbling in these topics outside of said section. Please make sure to put a rating on your thread description if it does go into a PG-13 level setting.

2. A rule that all roleplayers should be aware of: no powerplaying, godmodding, or any other practice like it. Any roleplayer, admin, or writer simply CANNOT stress this enough. People do not like it when others take control of their characters in their posts to move them around or speak for them, so please; just don't do it! If you do not know what godmodding is, please ask so we can explain it to you. We would be more than happy to!

3. If you have a problem with someone or something on the board, please contact me or another member of the staff. Do NOT try to solve issues on your own. This usually leads to more issues than what you started with, and its better to have a neutral party assisting with the conflict, whatever it might be. This applies to disagreements with your fellow roleplayers, or problems you might have with what is going on in a thread, among other things.

4. Continuing off from the previous rule: please be kind to the other members, and respect their opinions! (Another thing we cannot stress enough.) Remember to check what you've written in your posts before you press the submit button. Don't say something you wouldn't want said to you! We are a big, happy family here on W&&W, and we should continue to treat each other with respect.

5. To keep the board tidy, we ask that all signatures be 200 height/400 width or UNDER. Anything bigger and you will be asked by a mod to remove it. This goes for any images posted in threads as well. If your image stretches the layout, please use a thumbnail provided by imageshack.us, or simply link to the image. Also, please keep them relevant and appropriate. Thank you!

[align=right]<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>joining/creating a profile:

6. For now, you are allowed to claim three canon characters, and unlimited originals. This could always change, so please keep checking back here and remain aware of situations as they evolve. Each character requires their OWN roleplay account. We also ask that each profile is posted up with that character’s own account. Please do NOT post up profiles for new characters on your other active character accounts! (Also, please sign up with your character's full name, first and last, properly captialized.)

7. Please read our 'Roleplaying 101' tutorials in the FAQ/Ask The Admin section. They were not written to pass time, they are here to help you with your writing, and to give you an understanding of what we expect here on W&&W. Remember: we are a literate, intermediate level board. We expect paragraphs, proper capitalization and spelling, proper use of punctuation, and at least 200 words a post. If you do not think you are capable of these things, it might be best to work on them before joining us.

8. Please do not make 'perfect' almighty characters. As you create your profile for your character, consider the book or show they are in: consider the character’s personality, their strengths and weaknesses, their flaws, their ambitions. Everyone is afraid of or is weakened by something; we don't want to see characters that have no flaws and no fears. The chances of us even accepting a character profile like that are 0%. In short, please spend some time working on your whole personality section: we can tell when you really think your character through. (In addition, not EVERY character should have a magical gift/power! I will put a ban on these characters if we get too many.)

9. Do NOT pm/email/message/harass the admins asking 'when will my profile be approved/reviewed/accepted/etc.' Aside from the fact that we have our own lives to attend to and are not always on W&&W to review, we typically also need to get together and review the profiles before we accept them, if there's anything we're unsure of. It sometimes takes some time to get all of us online to discuss this, so please: BE PATIENT. We will get to your application or at least contact you about it as soon as we can.

10. Just because a username is taken, does NOT mean that character is! If the username is color-coded and filed into a roster, most likely, that means they are taken. If the name is gray and unsorted, by all means, apply for the character! We can fix the usernames and switch them out should you be approved. Please use common sense and use your resources: check the rosters or the member list to see which characters are already spoken for! (If a character appears to be inactive, feel free to PM us and ask regarding their status!)

11. If you can only be online a few times a month, please do not take a MAJOR character. It isn't fair to the other roleplayers if major characters (important canons, characters with a big part in the plot) are unavailable to create storylines with because their players are never online!

12. When it comes to the acceptance of profiles, please know right now that we are searching for QUALITY. In many cases with important “lead” characters, we will probably allow a few applications to be posted before we choose the person to play the character. This is just to make sure we find the person with the best grip on the character. In a few cases, we might grab the first person who applies, simply because we like their application. But please do not be surprised or upset because we don't accept your profile because it was posted FIRST! Again, we are looking for good grip on the character, quality, and literacy. (If your profile hasn’t been accepted over the span of a few days after posting, it might be a good time to check back and see what you can change!)

13. Please do not reply to the rp topics until you've posted a profile and have been accepted by a staff member. Your profile application should be your first priority upon joining.

[align=right]posting & roleplaying:[/align]

14. Please make sure to be descriptive in your posts. This is a LITERATE rpg, so please do not post one-liners or chatspeak in the actual roleplay sections. In addition, please try to run your post through a spellchecker before posting. It makes things easier for the readers. Also, we'd appreciate if everyone would post in 3rd person, and would space their paragraphs correctly. It makes things flow a bit better. Try to post at least one-two paragraphs a post, if possible. (We now ask for a minimum of 200 words per post!) If you aren’t sure of how to do these things, or do not know how to properly format a post, please check out our RP 101 threads.

15. Yes, you can be in multiple threads at once. This roleplay will cover timespans, so we merely ask that you keep up with the character storyline threads found in the bulletinboard section of the board. These will be how you categorize your threads in order of plot/occurrence/timeline. For more information on how this is done, please check those threads on the board.

16. Keep in mind: our members are not on 24/7, so be ready to wait if your character is talking to another character that hasn't responded yet in your thread. Feel free to start other threads for your character so you can be roleplaying with a variety of people. If the person you are waiting for in a thread doesn't reply for a while and you can tell from the monthly Activity Check that they are not active, just move your character on and ask us to close the thread as inactive for you.

17. While participating in the roleplay threads, please keep OOC conversations to an absolute minimum. Use the eventboard, the C-Box or the pm system to communicate with each other. It makes the RP threads easier to follow and read through.

18. We most certainly do not mind the occasional (minor) NPC in a thread. (NPC = non playable character.) A wonderful example of what we might allow is a random servant in a bar, or a shopkeeper. However, please do not go overboard with NPCing! If you yourself do not wish to NPC a character, you are welcome to use the ‘Wanted Ads’ board to find someone to pick up a character temporarily for you. (Please see the guidelines there for more information on NPCing on W&&W!) REMEMBER! NPCing is simply for when you need that little something done in your post. Don’t make it a habit. (Have questions on this matter? Please feel free to ask us!)

[align=right]warnings & consequences:[/align]

19. If you fail to obey the laws we have set for this website, we will be forced to crate you and ship you off to Munckinland where you will be forced to listen to "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" on loop for 24/7. ;) So please, obey our simple laws, and we'll all keep our sanity!

20. Banning. Seriously, it’s not something we generally wish to think about, but we do need consequences in the event that our rules are not followed. You will be given three warnings before having your characters taken from you. We never want to have to do this, however, so please, we ask that you just follow our simple little laws here…we’ll all be so much happier if you do!

[align=center]To show you've read our rules and agree to them,
please post 'thank goodness' at the bottom of your character application.
THANK YOU![/align]
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