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The Character List
Topic Started: Nov 22 2008, 01:37 AM (2,077 Views)
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[align=center]Wishing to play a character not on this list?
Contact the administration and we will tell you if the character
is available, and how they might fit into the AU plot of Witches && Wizards![/align]


Elphaba Thropp - best known as the Wicked Witch of the West. It is said that the misunderstood young woman was melted by a bucket of water thrown by Dorothy Gale of Kansas back in the Vinkus during the Wizard's reign, but some say she still haunts the corridors of Kiamo Ko even after all these years. After all, how could one who is soulless actually die?
(books: Wicked [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB])

Glinda Arduenna - best known as the Good Witch of the North. Glinda has striven to fix all she did wrong as a political pawn under the Wizard of Oz, and now aides Ozma as a political advisor in her reign over Oz. She is said to be a grand sorcereress, though she knows she isn't as grand as people think she is...
(books: Wicked [GM], Son of a Witch [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB], Glinda of Oz [LFB] +)

Fiyero Tigelaar - the college sweetheart of both witches, Glinda and Elphaba. Fiyero was said to be murdered by the Gale Force during the Wizard's reign over Oz, though no one --not even she-- knows that in her fury and dispair, Elphaba inadvertantly cast a spell upon him that would save his life. He became the Scarecrow, a popular figure in the realm of Oz, who aided in bringing Dorothy right to the Wizard.
(books: Wicked [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB] +)

Boq - a school-friend of Elphaba's. In an attempt to be loved (as Milla was unhappy with their marriage and constantly trying to off herself) he began an affair with the girl Nimmie Amee. They were discovered by Nimmie's mistress (for she was a slave), and Nessarose enchanted his ax to destroy him should he ever flirt with her again. He became the Tin Woodsman thanks to this, and lost his heart in the process.
(books: Wicked [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB], The Tinwoodsman of Oz [LFB] +)

Brrr - the young Lion that Elphaba saved from torment at Shiz. Cowardly and shameless, the creature traveled with Dorothy to meet the Wizard to ask for courage, and ended up enjoying the City, finding it a safe place to live compared to the wild woods. He now serves as a protector and constant companion to the Ozma Regent, though he has a strange passion and hobby for journalism.
(books: A Lion Among Men [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB] +)

Ozma - the young fairy ruler of Oz. She was hidden away as a baby, left in the care of Mombi. The old hag transformed the child into a boy, and there he remained until escaping to the Emerald City, where Glinda realized just who he was. After she was transformed back to her proper form, she was immediately given her crown. Now she rules over Oz, while coping with the challenges of the teen years, feeling very lost in the matters of identity after being a boy for so long.
(books: The Marvelous Land Of Oz [LFB] +)

Gayelette - a beautiful and vain young Gillikinese woman (daughter of the Uplands Governer) destined to become a sorceress in her prime. She hopes to lead Animal Rights movements as a governess one day, but as she ages and prospers, it will be she who puts the curse of the Golden Cap upon the Winged Monkeys that Elphaba created so long ago.
(books: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB])

Quelala - a middle-class Gillikin boy with an infatuation with Gayelette Germaine. Despite his love being unrequited, he is dedicated to her to a fault -- and she takes advantage of this, using him more as a servant boy than a friend or lover. It is for him that Gayelette ultimately enchants the Winged Monkeys.
(books: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB])

Audah, Aujah, Aurah Hexel - triplet adepts with magical powers. Rumor has it that they were once under the tutorage of Morrible, though they broke away from her and Morrible sought replacements. They are high-ranking members of the Black Magic Market now, teaching those who are eager to learn magic in the shadows of Oz, despite Ozma's bann. They work towards a greater good...they simply go about the wrong way of doing it, as Yackle did.
(books: Glinda of Oz [LFB])

Dorothy Gale - the young girl who killed both of the Wicked Witches on her first visit to the fairy county. She has returned to Oz, this time permanantly, along with her uncle, aunt, Dog, Cat, and Chicken. She now lives in the Emerald City, a playmate and very close friend and confidant of the Ozma Regent's, and a public figure of encouragement to all.
(books: Wicked [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB], The Emerald City Of Oz [LFB] +)

Jack Pumpkinhead - a pumpkin-headed scarecrow made by Tip in order to scare his keeper, Mombi. Undaunted, she tested her new Powder Of Life on the rather comical scarecrow, bringing him to life. He traveled with the boy to Emerald City to escape the witch, discovering that his creator was indeed really the Ozma Regent, not a boy at all. He stays in the Emerald City to be close to her, feeling a sort of 'parent/child' relationship with her.
(books: The Marvelous Land Of Oz [LFB] +)

Liir Thropp - the lovechild of Elphaba and Fiyero. Orphaned now that his parents are 'dead', he wanders from place to place (Glinda having granted him her protection to do so), never really fitting in anywhere in particular, and never really caring to. He occasionally will drop by the City to visit Glinda and the other girls, though he might have other reasons for being there as well, involving the Black Market....
(books: Wicked [GM], Son Of A Witch [GM])

Nimmie Amee - the servant girl who fell in love with the man who would one day become the Tin Woodsman. She lost him when he lost his heart, his axe being enchanted by Nessarose on a job. She has always hoped he might return to her...but he has not yet, for he no longer loves her.
(books: The Tinwoodsmand Of Oz [LFB])

Wantowin (Omby Amby) Battles - Emerald City's guardian of the gates, otherwise known as the Man With The Green Whiskers. While the Wizard was in power, Omby spent most of his time passing out green glasses and informing people of their appointments with the Great Oz. Glasses are no longer required in the City thanks to Glinda, so he busies himself allowing visiters into the great capital.
(books: The Marvelous Land Of Oz [LFB])

Mayre (Trot) Griffith - a young girl from the Outer World. She is close with Ozma and Dorothy (though she is the youngest of them all) and spends much time with them, trying to keep up with their ways. After all, no one likes to be left in the dark because they 'won't understand' due to their age...
(books: The Scarecrow Of Oz [LFB] +)

Toto - Dorothy's Dog. When he and his mistress move to Oz, he reveals after some proding that he is indeed a talking Animal...he simply chooses to be silent of his own free will. Should he have something to say, however, he will say it, and despite common belief...he's not as stupid as he appears to be.
(books: The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB], Tik-Tok Of Oz [LFB])

Billina - Dorothy's gossipy busy-body Hen. The farmgirl renamed the Hen long ago after discovering that she would not be a Rooster, and therefore 'Bill' would not fit. She stopped laying eggs for a time in Kansas, which caused Aunt Em to threaten to stew her for supper. She lays them just fine in Oz now, though, and has produced a great population of hens.
(books: Wicked [GM], The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz [LFB], Ozma Of Oz [LFB] +)

Shell Thropp - the brother of Elphaba and Nessarose. The 'perfect' one, being a boy and born without abnormalities. It is he who should take up the title of Eminant Thropp, though he seems to have no desire to do so. He has recently resurfaced from his wandering, seeking a job from Glinda, who has convinced Ozma to take him in as a political go-between, since most of the Munchkinlanders trust him. He might have double intentions, however...for he might be involved with the Black Market.
(books: Son Of A Witch [GM], A Lion Among Men[GM])

Candle - a novice maunt at Saint Glinda's, born of the Quadling Country. She has the gift of music, and using it she is very good at reading the present and understanding what is happening at the moment. (She cannot tell the future, of course.) Her future may be somehow tied to Liir's, but in ways neither of them could hope to understand.
(books: Son Of A Witch [GM])

Avaric - a college-mate of Boq, Fiyero, Tibett, Crope, and their circle. He was born wealthy, the son of a margreave in the Gillikin. As he grew older, he took over this position, and now lives in a mansion there, 'happily' married and filthy rich, hobnobing amongst the elite. Some rumor that in his past, he had a run in with the adepts in Gillikin, under an alias of 'Ervic'...
(books: Wicked [GM], Glinda of Oz (LFB))

Crope - the remaining half of Tibett and Crope. Carefree and easy as a teenager, the events of the evening at the Philosophy Club changed him forever. Tibett became lost to him, and over time, Crope found himself working under his college friend Glinda as a valet of sorts. She no longer keepes tight reigns on him, however, so he may come and go as he choses.
(books: Wicked [GM])

Saladin Smith (Button-Bright) - called Button-Bright, as he doesn't seem to care for his full name (which is Saladin Paracelsus de Lambertine Evagne von Smith of Philadelphia), this boy travels far and wide across Oz, adventuring seeing as he has nothing better to do: staying in one place is too dull for his tastes. But adventuring can lead to all sorts of trouble, though that trouble can be exciting, as well...
(books: The Scarecrow Of Oz [LFB], The Road To Oz [LFB], The Lost Princess Of Oz [LFB] +)

(coming soon)

[align=center]Listed under each character is the book(s) they appear in, be they the Gregory Maguire novels or the L. Frank Baum series. Reading or researching these books might be a good idea for considering applying for a character. (Most of these books can be read online for free!) If there is a plus sign next to the books, it means they are featured in more, but the ones listed are the most important for character development.)

Looking for another character to play? Check out this list or this one for more of the citizens found in Baum's books!

NOTE: Just because a character is checked off here, does not mean that character is for sure not available! Please check in with us if a character you are interested in is checked off here, or else do a bit of research around the board.. We will let you know if the roleplayer is active or not. Thank you![/align]
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